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it is feasible to siphon gas from the more recent trucks choose a 2008 Silverado ?? ns tried to get a small hose ( 3 / 8 OD ) in the filler neck and it seemed to be clogged somehow ,, how would you obtain the gas the end if you required to autumn the tank ??

2013 Silverado 1500 LT, Z71, 5.3L, 6L80e, 4X4, HD Towing pkgIf girlfriend can"t resolve it v a hammer, that is an electric problem

Nope the really straightforward with the right kinda if tubing.Cut about a 5-6" item off of a old water level i had.It"s around 3/8" in diameter.. With a inner DI of about a 1/4" .its very thin and also flexible goes ideal down to bottom that tank. Only thing girlfriend really need to complete with is the flapper in ~ the cap.
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