For plenty of of us, smoking cigarettes marijuana is associated with rojo joints. Plenty of of united state don’t really recognize what other choices there are various other than a joint. 

You may likewise find situations when there space no smoking cigarettes papers accessible for joints, for this reason you can buy options that space both convenient and enjoyable for you. Perform these alternatives have the same effect as rojo joints? 

Alternatives come Rolling Joints

There are broad ranges of alternatives to roll joints. Besides, a couple of of lock are much more convenient come use and are popular choices, too. Let’s find much more about this options. 

Keith Haring pipe collection from Greenlane


Bongs room a an ext convenient and easy come use option for cannabis smoking. It deserve to make friend high quickly. The only thing you require is water. This is additionally the only negative; the water can spill the end from bong, or the water could be unavailable.

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Bongs come with different materials prefer glass, metal, wood, plastics, ceramics, and most popularly bamboo. Bongs likewise differ in terms of design. These encompass percolator bongs, carburetor bongs, heaviness bongs, right tube bongs, multi-chambered bongs, and much more.


Pipes space the most simple tool for marijuana lovers. It is much more stylish, trendier, and cheaper than other options. These options are simple to use and carry. Pipes deserve to have various sizes and shapes. Other than that, pipes prefer these room made from different materials choose glass, wood, clay, and also even metal.

It is pretty simple to use pipes. Just grind the cannabis and cover the tiny hole of her pipe with your thumb or table of contents finger. Now, use a lighter to run the flame over her weed. Inhale and also relax. 

Some civilization make mistakes around positioning the lighter in smoking. You need to place the lighter over the top of the bowl till the weed is able to lit top top its own. The other major mistake is exhaling with your mouth on the pipe. This can blow weeds the end of the bowl. The is a finish waste of your marijuana grind.

In modern-day days, glass pipes are acquiring popular. That is because they room see-through and don’t obtain as warm as steel pipes. Also, glass pipes hit yes, really clean and also there is no difference in three taste. Despite they are expensive and also can break apart, you will certainly find more diverse and coolest draft in glass pipes. 

Dab Rings

This is for exceptionally potent marijuana extracts. Friend can shot budder, honeycomb, or shatter-like extracts through dab rings. It concentrates extracts by using the vaporization method. Since of the extreme potency, dab rings deserve to take your high to all-new levels.

The best quality budder is a form of cannabis concentrate texture. The hatchet budder helps define the appearance and feel that the concentrate. Three budders room oilier and also softer in texture, which renders them simple to handle, comparable to a stick of butter or cake batter. The taste is the an outcome of agitating terpene-rich shatter that has a creamier consistency.

Dab rings execute not need lighters; instead, blow torches work good for dab rings. Together dab ring exclude combustion, the is lot healthier than various other methods. Friend will also find that vapor purer than constant cannabis smoke. 


A bubbler is a type of a mix between a bong and also a pipe. The unit is tiny and basic to take care of — just like a pipe. Besides, it have the right to make friend high quickly, comparable to bongs. Most bubblers room made v glass. Bubblers have round chambers one of two people on the sides or at the bottom.

Bubblers are likewise unique together they have actually a room containing water. The smoke created by weed passes through this chamber and also cools a bit, which gives users a fresh taste of marijuana. Bubblers additionally have variants, though. The many common varieties are hammer bubblers, pendate bubblers, twin bubblers, and also sherlock bubblers.

gravity Bongs

A heaviness bong or water bong is a very popular way to smoke cannabis at home. It is rather easy if you recognize the techniques. Every you need is part simple, available materials because that this. Let’s discover how to try this in ~ home.

use a crate cutter to cut a plastic bottle into two pieces. Currently use aluminum silver paper to plunder the mouth hole so the it gets the shape of a bowl. Poke 3 to 4 feet in the aluminum for airflow. Now fill a container through water and place the party in the container. Place it so the mouthpieces stay above the waterline. Ar weed ~ above the foil. Now, light points up. Make certain you traction the bottle a bit upward when you room lighting it. This will certainly fill acting quickly. Lastly, press the bottle earlier into the water. This will press smoke upward, and you are prepared for marijuana smoke.

Corn Husks

Corn husks room a very popular alternative to rolling papers. Corn husks space natural, and also many people select this together a healthy option. In fact, world in Jamaica and also Latin America favor this as their very first option. Before trying come smoke through it, make sure the husk you want to use is dry and also clean. Also, corn husks administer a organic flavor of cannabis smoke. 

Corn husks are herbal fibers with continual stripes. These hold marijuana extracts much more tightly come its surface. In the situation of corn husks, specialists believe, the is much better to smoke gradually to indulge much more with marijuana flavors. 

Soda Can

This is another simple and easy technique of weed smoking. Convert the soda can to a finish smoking device. Make part holes ~ above the crease and a crab ~ above the other side the it. Add some ground-up marijuana inside and also light it. Currently you can inhale the weed v a mouthpiece.

Though soda can work together a good smoking device, it has some health hazards to count. The aluminum of its can may not be safe together an aluminum foil. Besides, soda cans have actually inks painted ~ above its surface. As soon as you space heating weed ~ above a soda have the right to these inks will melt and can relax chemicals to your weed.

Other 보다 that, some people smoke straight from the soda can. Soda might have residual caffeine and sugar molecules. These can make friend high beyond your expectations. So, try soda have the right to sparingly however not as a constant method. 


This is probably the most basic of all techniques where fruit can help you to get high top top cannabis. 

Jam a pen or a screwdriver in the apologize to do a tunnel indigenous the top and also side of an apple. Make certain the tunnels connect to every other. Heat the apple with aluminum foil and also poke aluminum foil into the holes.  ar the weed top top aluminum foil and also start to irradiate it. Now, be breathing the smoke indigenous the next hole.

You can try a similar process of fruits prefer guava, avocado, pear or through dragon fruits. Over there is a lot come experiment with. But, execute not shot with juicy fruits, that deserve to spoil a lot much more of your marijuana extract.

warm Knives

This is a century-old technique of smoking. The an approach is a basic and effective method to conveniently inhale cannabis smoke. You require two knives and also a cooktop or a candle because that this. Warm the velvet to tool heat and also make certain you don’t burn her palms close to handles.

After a few minutes of heating, location a piece of bud or part cannabis extract top top one and squeeze it between two knives. This will develop smoke quickly, and also you just need come inhale. 

rose Blunts

Though the is no a popular method, plenty of people pick this as an alternative. Take three rose petals and also heat them in a pan because that ten seconds. After heater them, lick the petals and add ground weed come make your blunt. 

If needed, you have the right to give another ten secs of warm in the range for a far better rose blunt. Perform not overheat the petals, or else they can dry come a crisp. That can produce problems once rolling. Make sure, petals have some humidity after heater so that they roll the ideal rose blunt. 

Hookah Pipes

This is a well-known smoking machine in the center East and in components of the Indian subcontinent. Hookah pipes also account because that an elite type of weed smoking. Cigarette smoking cannabis out of hookah pipe may sound facility but in fact it is lot easier.

To get started you need coal, aluminum foil, tongs, water, and also obviously the hookah pipe. You deserve to also include shisha of different flavors to make it more tasty. You can mix the weed with tobacco or shisha and place it in ~ the bottom of the flask. Make sure, you ar the three on the height so that it does dry up conveniently in the smoking process. 

Hookahs have actually a larger bowl which provides it an ideal option for group smoking. Other than that, it has the least risk of this staining and also you will acquire the fresh odor of three leaves. 

Plastic Lung

Plastic lung each other the same airflow functionality as bongs. The is also a procedure to make you incredibly high. To do a plastic lung, you require aluminum foil, scissor, tape, and also a 2-liter bottle. Let’s uncover how to make it in straightforward steps.

First, reduced the container right into half. Now, usage tape to connect a plastic bag to the bottom fifty percent of this container.

Secondly, pave aluminum foil around the mouthpiece in such a way so it creates a bowl shape.

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Thirdly, pierce part holes top top aluminum foil prior to you placed marijuana top top it. 

Finally, irradiate the weed and pull the bag to create suction. Lift off the foil as soon as the bag gets full. Girlfriend are now ready to inhale.

Final Verdict

There are various ways to obtain high v marijuana. Roll a share is not the just option. In fact, you should shot different approaches to make points interesting.