I have heard both ¡Felicidades! and ¡Felicitaciones! as translations that the interjection, "Congratulations!"

What is the difference in between the two, and when is every used?


He escuchado ¡Felicidades! y ¡Felicitaciones! ambas como traducciones de la interjección "Congratulations!".

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¿Cuál es la diferencia entre las dos y cuándo se usa cada una?



Felicidades and also felicitaciones are virtually always interchangeable. A aboriginal snucongo.org friend of mine couldn"t yes, really tell me the difference

If I had to translate them to present the distinction I would certainly use:

¡Felicitaciones! - Congratulations!

¡Felicidades! - ns wish girlfriend happiness!

I discovered a an excellent example from one more site that says:

"Por ejemplo si vos querés felicitar a alguien que tuvo un bebé le decís Felicitaciones y si le decís Felicidades le estás, además de felicitándolo, augurando felicidad."


They are various statements. The difference is really subtle yet they room not the same. However, civilization will usage them this particular day interchangeably. Felicidades is much more general, familiar and is use for occasions like during a celebration, birthday, new year"s eve.Felicitaciones is more commonly use once someone provides you great news. Because that example: I gained a new job, ns will acquire married. It is much more formal.


In my experience (Argentina), over there is a correlation with both (related) meanings of congratulate:

Give (someone) one"s good wishes as soon as something unique or pleasant has happened to them. => "Desear felicidades" (also "Felicitar")Praise (someone) for a specific achievement. => "Felicitar"

As one exclamation, "¡Felicidades!" is used much more for the first an interpretation (= "Te deseo felicidades"), while "¡Felicitaciones!" is used more for the second (="Te felicito")

Their offers overlap, though, and vary with regions and also ages.

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In Spain we always use "felicidades". "Felicitaciones" is an extremely uncommon and a lot of of human being will say the word doesn"t even exist in that context.

However, "felicitación" (singular form) is used. From the RAE:


f. Acción y efecto de felicitar.

f. Tarjeta postal, telegrama, etc., con que se felicita.


Le envié una felicitación navideña (I sent out him/her a Christmas card)

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Una graduación, un ascenso en el trabajo, un premio ganado, cualquier victoria o logro, evoca el saludo “¡Felicitaciones!” (When friend graduate, acquire a promotion, success an award, usage "Felicitaciones")

En cambio, momentos trascendentes de la condición humana, del ciclo anual o los grandes pasajes vitales —el nacimiento de un hijo, un cumpleaños, una boda, Navidad y Año Nuevo— “¡Felicidades!” (When a infant is born, you acquire married, it"s Christmas or new Year"s eve you say "Felicidades"). To trust me, I"m a Language(SP.Argentina) and also EFL(English together a foreign Language) teacher.

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The main difference in between these two words is that while felicitación is an plot of worship or congratulation, felicidad refers to the blessed state the the person heart, happiness.

Therefore, "¡Felicitaciones!" is regularly used ~ above graduation, promotion, award, victory, or achievement. Its alternative word is “¡Enhorabuena!”.

And “¡Felicidades!” is supplied on birthday, wedding, bear of a child, new Year, etc. To inspire a great for much happiness.

For example:

Congratulations on your graduation! - ¡Felicitaciones por tu graduación!

Congratulations top top your new job! - ¡Felicitaciones por tu nuevo trabajo!

Congratulations on your wedding! - Felicidades por tu boda

Reference: how do you speak congratulations in snucongo.org

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I agree with numerous of the answerers over on that "felicitaciones" is no the very same as "felicidades". Return some human being use both expressions interchangeably, "felicitaciones" is an ext frequently offered to congratulate someone on one achievement, once there"s personal merit behind an occasion or action, conversely, "felicidades" is offered in cases when the person being congratulated is not necessarily responsible for the occasion or action in question.

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En español también se puede decir "congratular":


Del lat. Congratulāri.

tr. Alegrar a alguien o producirle alegría. Me congratula oírte.

tr. Felicitar a alguien o darle la enhorabuena. Congratuló a sus adversarios. U. M. En Am.

prnl. Sentir alegría o satisfacción por algo. Se congratula de tu triunfo.

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