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Hi,recently purchase a H&R peak break .32. I believe it was made in 1905 in fantastic condition. The only problem is the lock up is loose. I was called it was an "easy fix" but cant find any information on exactly how to deal with it.i have one more H&R .22 from 1969 i had to solve the spring in teh handle. The was really easy. So hopefully this is another do it yourself kinda please any type of info would certainly be great. Say thanks to you

JNW,Welcome come the forum.Would girlfriend please specify exactly what you median by "lock up is loose"? carry out you median the peak latch is loose? - the cylinder is loose in the frame? - the cylinder has play in it as soon as the hammer is cocked? - the cylinder spins v hammer down? etc.There"s a pair really smart males on this forum that can help you , yet define the actual problem very first - come avoid any kind of misunderstandings.Thanks.
Hey Jim,Ok, the peak latch is simply fine. Its the cylinder that"s loose. Just say you have it latched up and also you"re getting ready come fire it, you deserve to take the cylinder and also turn it slightly left and right. And it is favor that with the hammer cocked or down.Hope that helps?

The OLD H&R optimal breaks to be designed the way. They have actually a "free wheeling" cylinder - it can spin easily with the hammer in ~ rest/down. The really lock-up occurs as soon as the create is pulled all the means through the travel and also happens just prior to sear release. Dick the hammer, pull the trigger and also hold it to the rear through the hammer in under position. If there is more than a pair 1/8" next to side rotation - climate it is "loose".
oh ok cool... So if it is actually loosened how hard is it to fix? ill recognize for certain on the 15th or 16 that this month. Had to wait 30 days prior to i could carry it home

OK cool.. Okay repost ~ above the 15th or 16th once i have it in mine posession. Many thanks for the info! the is very helpful

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The old H&R"s (and many other old revolvers) have a cylinder stop developed into the trigger. As soon as the total is cocked (either single action or dual action) the hand pressures the cylinder approximately while the protect against comes up through the frame. The cylinder notch is "one way", the is the cylinder stop stops the cylinder at the right place to store it native going too far, but only the hand keeps the from walking backward.When the gun is new, and also the hand and also cylinder ratchet room unworn, the lockup is adequate, even tight. But as the components wear, the cylinder is not organized tightly and can revolve some even when the trigger is completely to the rear. This can an outcome in mis-alignment that the chamber and barrel once the pistol is fired, and you have lead spitting and side flash, perhaps hazardous, particularly to someone standing beside the shooter.Better high quality revolvers have a cylinder protect against that engages a narrow slot therefore that with it up, the cylinder cannot turn either way beyond a collection limit. Further it is engaged at every times other than when withdrawn just prior to the hand move the cylinder, as soon as it is pulled down and also released to go earlier up as the cylinder rotates. That system solves the troubles of maintaining the cylinder in position for the hand come re-engage properly, and also prevents the cylinder indigenous rotating one of two people backward or forward once the hammer is in ~ rest. The older weapons prevented the by simply leaving the hammer down and also in the primer of a fired round, but even then the cylinder could rotate too far or even rotate backward as it was cocked. Friction springs the one type or one more were supplied to retard cost-free rotation, however these likewise broke or wore. The genuine solution, redesign that the lockwork, was occasionally not feasible for the small companies due to the fact that they go not have sufficient capital or simply because they were selling guns and also saw no reason to boost the product.Jim