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Binary Hack Tools, Tutorials & resources Tutorial just how to profession pokemon between two games on Android making use of My young emulator began by viper8890 august 6th, 2016 7:33 am

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Hello come all. I haven"t found a tutorial regarding this, therefore I believed I would make one myself.Many the you already know the My young is the finest gba emulator for android ( atleast according to me). But I"m right here to introduce you all with a feature of this emulator that you can have heard of, but might not have used yet. You can trade between 2 games existing on her android maker via my Boy.Now lets obtain going through the steps.First of all launch My young emulator. Pack a video game that you want to profession with. Go to the pokemon center first floor (FR/LG) , and walk as much as the link cable receptionist and also talk to her. Choose trade center. Your display will call you to wait or cancel making use of B button. Friend don"t should do either of these.Just push the alternatives button of the emulator( the switch in in between L and R buttons) , and select connect located with the previous one. You deserve to either select that game or pick the one more game option. Top top choosing another game, you"ll watch a perform of game existing in the folder. Choose the one you desire to trade with.Follow the very same steps and also go come the connect cable receptionist and also talk to her. This time after the dialoge the wait and also cancel,you"ll be enabled to get in (if the doesn"t happens, simply keep on pressing A). When your player indigenous this game enters the room, you need to lug the 2nd one too. Because that that, push the choices button again. This time in ~ the top, you"ll check out an option of switch game. Press that and also you"ll check out both the gamings you have actually loaded under the load video game screen. Native here, choose the other game that you have actually loaded before. Push A button and you"ll gain in. Inside there, take it a seat and also switch come the various other game. Take it a seat and select a pokemon to trade. Move the game select one to profession from below too. Push A switch from both the games , and also Tadaaaa, it"s done. You just traded pokemon in between games. This is my very first major article on the forums, so please be good with me. Expect you uncover it helpful.