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I agree the Rune Zammy looks lot more better than simply Rune.

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Hehe i was a huge collectior that anykind that f2p TT items. I had just enough money from mining runite

And I chosen the look

I provided to have actually rune t wizzy t and green dhide t, climate I got hacked, shed over 3M. Due to the fact that then I have actually spent money top top levels instead of useless items, and also its helped me allot. For me, trimmed items space a waste.. Friend might also run approximately shouting hack me.

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What many people forget is that when you get roughly 100M+ you can properly BUY plenty of 99s and also that it s okay boring, the reason these items room expensive is since they are couple of and far between especially when you gain into the upper echelons.


Supposing a details person didnt buy his Party Hat and decided instead to invest his 200M on skills:


Cooking BOUGHT


Fletching BOUGHT






Firemaking BOUGHT


Crafting BOUGHT


Smithing BOUGHT


Herblore BOUGHT


Farming BOUGHT


Construction BOUGHT


This would get really boring unless you to plan all follow me to gain all 99s therefore buying a party hat was just a way to difficulty myself, that is all an extremely well saying it was a garbage of money but it to be my money and also if ns didnt I most likely would"ve stop ages back since there is little difficulty to just buying up all the materials you need instantly.

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Posted in march 30, 2008

it look at nice and also it i do not know be do so thats what bring alot of world to purchase it

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Posted march 30, 2008

I wear typical rune


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Posted in march 30, 2008

It"s a standing of just how rich one is. Ns personally gain Trimmed waay more as more people identify that you have a decent amount the cash.



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