What is a warm Comb?

A hair straightening comb is a styling tool offered to make coarse hair smoother and frizz-free. Earlier models had metal teeth and also were design to it is in heated on the stove. Modern-day straightening combs space heated with electricity and have ceramic heating elements and also multiple temperature settings. The heating plates have a plastic structure to defend you from burning yourself.

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Advantages over flat Irons

1. If that takes girlfriend forever to style your hair in the morning, a cook comb is a great way come go. An electrical hot comb is much quicker than continuous flat iron. Girlfriend will be able to finish her hair in half of the moment that that takes to layout your hair with a consistent flat iron.


2. You have the right to take much larger sections of the hair and also your hair will require fewer passes to get relatively straight than v a continuous straightener. When using the comb, you can smooth the whole section that hair in 1-2 passes. With a level iron, you should run it 4-5 times with each section.

3. Your hair will look naturally straight, not “pin” right or flat like after flat ironing.

4. A heated comb doesn’t mitigate volume, making her hair flat as a continuous flat stole does.

5. A straightening comb help to straighten her roots together you can gain closer to her scalp than as soon as using a flat iron.

Best Candidates for making use of a hot Comb?

Traditionally, warm combs are used on unruly tresses and African American hair to give the hair a smoother and sleeker look. Back the tool deserve to be offered on all hair types, the results are most visible on outlet hair.

When it pertains to hair length, this straightening device is most reliable when offered on shoulder-length hair or longer. When supplied on quick hair a warm comb will certainly work better on thick coarse brief hair 보다 on fine and straight hair because the tool needs to produce tension ~ above the hair come work.

If your hair is extremely curly and you want to make it bonestraight, you can still must use a constant flat iron. However, you have the right to usea heat straightening comb prior to flat ironing to make her hair much easier to stylewith a level iron.

It will quickly and effortlessly straighten wavy hair, take away frizz, and include plenty of shine.

If your hair is normally straight, this tool deserve to be used on fresh blow-dried hair to smooth the end flyaway hair and also fight frizz without reducing volume.

An electrical straightening comb is one ideal choice for busyindividuals who need to easily give your hair the wow-factor prior to walkingout the the door.

Straightening Hair through Tymo Comb – Julissa Guillen Testing

The Best method to usage a warm Straightening Comb

Make certain todry your hair fully before utilizing this cook tool because your hair isvulnerable and prone come heat damages when wet.

Detangle your hair v a constant comb prior to using the cook comb, to avoid pulling the hair the end by straightening it as well vigorously. Detangling will likewise remove loosened hair strands and make straightening easier, faster, and an ext efficient.

Always apply a warmth protectant before hot combing.


Select the temperature that is suitable for your hair type. If you have thick, very curly, or rough circuit hair, collection a higher temperature and also work with smaller sections the the hair. Make certain to comb slowly and repeat if necessary, to obtain the desired look.

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Hold the endsof her hair while slowly moving the comb through the parted sections.

After you have actually done, place the comb ~ above a heat-resistant surface and also let that cool.


Suggestions for Purchasing a Quality electric Comb

The convenience of a hair straightener comb substantially depends top top its design. Make certain to select a comb v an anti-scald style to defend your skin native burns. Also, look for an appliance v ceramic heating components and ionic technology. Ceramic heats evenly, reduce the opportunity of warm damage, while an adverse ions aid seal the cuticle, do hair smooth and glossy. Variable warm settings are important to accommodate all hair types.


Straightening Comb by Tymo (Product from Amazon.com)

If you have voluminous coarse hair, save in psychic that warm combs with longer teeth can obtain closer to the root of rough circuit hair to assist you attain straighter results.