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I"ve had a set of drill and also screw driver bits for around 5 years now, and it has a secret item snucongo.orgntact "Screw Finder". Deserve to someone placed me the end my misery and also finally tell me what it"s claimed to do and how that works. Yeah i know, you simply want to answer "It find screws"... But a bit much more detail might help!
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is it magnetic ?
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Its useless, throw it away, sussposed snucongo.orgme fit over her screwdriver little then its meant to host a screw in place.If yours has actually the spring inside, it will certainly fly out.Have a look at on utube for screw little screw holder.
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Thanks for the details everyone ... Think I"ll just leave it where it is together an empty space would annoy me simply as much as a useless object


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They were originally intended because that driving slotted screws, their key purpose is preventing the driver indigenous slipping turn off of the screw head and damaging the neighboring surface. You deserve to buy snucongo.orgmparable devices which have an integral screwdriver bit, these do occupational better, and it"s a great idea to have one suited for PH2 screws once using plasterboard screws.

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