Hey there! Here’s a quick snapshot guide for setting the cruise control on a 2002-2007 Honda Accord!

The vehicle shown below is a 2004 Accord.

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I made decision to compose this due to the fact that sometimes the procedure to collection the cruise is simply not that intuitive. There space a couple steps the seem unnecessary, however are forced for it to work! Anyway, if your cruise seems broken, try out the following steps.

Summary of procedures to take to set the cruise in a Honda:

Maintain a steady speed with the accelerator foot pedal.Press the “CRUISE” button on the steering wheel.A light will certainly illuminate top top the dashboard saying “Cruise Main”.Press the “DECEL/SET” button.A light will illuminate on the dashboard saying “Cruise Control”.Release the accelerator foot pedal.

Step by step Instructions (with Pictures)

Alright, you’re control along, and you’ve established the speed that you want to keep with cruise control. Hold that rate with her foot ~ above the accelerator. You’re spring at your panel i beg your pardon looks like this (except that hopefully you space going much faster than 0 mph and you are in drive rather of park).


To allow the cruise, the an initial step is to press the “CRUISE” switch on the steering wheel.

A eco-friendly light will certainly illuminate on the instrument panel that states “CRUISE MAIN”.

(Note: the cruise is not yet activated…)

To activate the cruise, push the “DECEL/SET” button.


This will illuminate a 2nd light ~ above the manage panel next to the very first that reads, “CRUISE CONTROL”. Currently the cruise manage is active, and you have the right to take your foot turn off of the accelerator.


To increase your speed, press and release the “RES/ACCEL” button. Your speed will rise by about 1 mph.

To decrease her speed, press and release the “DECEL/SET” button. Your speed will decrease by around 1 mph.

To turn off the cruise, press the “CRUISE” button again.

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To turn off the cruise temporarily, press and also release the “CANCEL” button. Once you are prepared to resume, push the “RES/ACCEL” button.


Well, ns hope this to be helpful. Sometimes that an initial press the the “SET” button is not really intuitive, so that seems like nothing happens the an initial time you press the “CRUISE” button and also it is easy to assume it is simply broken!