Alex Pettyfer Gives honest Answer about Why i Am Number four 2 Didn't take place Exclusive: actor Alex Pettyfer honestly answer why he thinks a sequel come 2011’s i Am Number 4 directed through DJ Caruso has never happened.

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actor Alex Pettyfer provided an moral answer to why he thinks a sequel come 2011"s I to be Number Four has never happened. Pettyfer an initial made a name for self by starring in one adaptation that the Alex rider young adult spy series, Stormbreaker. A couple of years later, that starred in I am Number Four prior to moving on to Magic Mike, which served as a launching pad sort of role for the actor. Pettyfer played john Smith in I am Number Four, which to be directed by DJ Caruso and co-starring Dianna Agron, Teresa Palmer, and Timothy Olyphant.

In 2018, Pettyfer acted in and also directed the indie thriller Back Roads, i m sorry co-starred Juliette Lewis, Jennifer Morrison, and Robert Patrick. While Pettyfer"s job hit some roadblocks, one movie that continues to come earlier to the is i Am Number Four, i beg your pardon has gained a bit of a cult following, through fans regularly inquiring around a sequel. The book is the an initial chapter in the Lorien Legacies collection of novels, which focuses on human-looking aliens with superpowers fighting off an additional extraterrestrial types on Earth. The film to be a decent hit at the box office, and also reviews were low-to-middling. However, v the book collection continuing the Lorien Legacies, fans have been hope to view the story continued in live-action form.

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While speaking to Screen Rant, Pettyfer said he appreciated making the movie and also was positive for a sequel. Still, throughout the time of release, the slate the Dreamworks movies at package office failed to perform, which basically wiped the slate clean moving forward with new properties. Here"s what Pettyfer had to say about why no sequel to be made and also likely won"t be:

"I know. Ns wish we might have make a sequel to i Am Number Four. Ns really love making the movie. You had actually Steven Spielberg as the producer, you had actually Michael Bay as a producer, DJ Caruso, but I think they tried miscellaneous on that movie, and also I"m being an extremely honest, where the book, i beg your pardon was created by Pittacus Lore, which was James Frey basically, lock tried part really interesting, creative publicity where the film and also the publication are exit at the same time. Ns think that at the time, Dreamworks had War Horse, they had actually Hugh Jackman did that robot movie, and there to be one various other film. And also I think simply as a collective slate, probably the movie didn"t perform and also they should have. And also so the slate was kind of wiped clean for Dreamworks to start again v a brand-new slate connection with funding. I really loved I am Number Four, and I loved working with DJ, and also I loved the concept and also that type of alienation of an outsider, people not accepting you for who you are. I recognize that movie or that franchise would certainly have gone into a much mature ... And also the development of the would, I certainly know that since DJ was showing me, yet we have the right to dream, need to we say."

Alex Pettyfer shows on the 10th anniversary that #IAmNumberFour and also why we never gained a sequel!

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Pettyfer is currently starring in Marianna Palka"s latest effort, Collection, and also has several jobs lined up. He has actually a role in the sci-fi feature Warning v Thomas Jane and Alice Eve, in the crime/drama The Chelsea Cowboy, and a James Joyce biopic with Aiden Gillan referred to as James and also Lucia. Due to the fact that emerging ~ above the scene, Pettyfer has actually remained consistently busy however has however to reach the heights the a hit choose Magic Mike because that time.

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While no plans appear to be in ar to continue the Lorien traditions in live-action, much has adjusted since 2011, specific the advent of streaming platforms. If a movie sequel isn"t likely, perhaps I to be Number Four would certainly fare much better for a series remake top top a streamer, which could effectively relaunch the series and open it increase for an ext potential. V all platforms in search of sustainable multi-season mirrors with a integrated audience, the seems favor the Lorien heritages would be a an excellent fit. However, it"s unlikely it would be with any type of original gibbs from I am Number Four.