Former U.S. Chairman Donald Trump continues to air false insurance claims that the 2020 choice was stolen. Here, pendant gather because that his first post-presidency rally at an Ohio fairgrounds in June. Stapleton

Law enforcement has taken little action together backers of Donald Trump target stark hazards at election officials. tracked down nine of the harassers. Many were unrepentant.

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This story consists of text, images and also audio clips v offensive language.

In Arizona, a stay-at-home dad and part-time Lyft driver called the state’s chief election officer she would certainly hang because that treason. In Utah, a youth treatment center staffer warned Colorado’s choice chief the he knew whereby she lived and watched her together she slept.

In Vermont, a guy who states he works in construction told employees at the state choice office and also at ascendancy Voting systems that they were about to die.

“This might be a an excellent time to placed a f‑‑‑‑‑‑ pistol in her f‑‑‑‑‑‑ mouth and also pull the trigger,” the male shouted at vermont officials in a thick brand-new England accent last December. “Your days are f‑‑‑‑‑‑ numbered.”

The three had much in common. All explained themselves as patriots fighting a conspiracy that robbed Donald trump of the 2020 election. They are consistent consumers the far-right websites that embrace Trump’s stolen-election falsehoods. And also none have been charged with a crime by the regulation enforcement agencies alerted to your threats.

They were among nine human being who told in interviews that they made dangers or left various other hostile messages to election workers. In all, they are responsible for practically two dozen harassing interactions to 6 election public official in four states. 7 made hazards explicit sufficient to put a reasonable person in fear of bodily harm or death, the U.S. Federal traditional for criminal prosecution, follow to four legal professionals who reviewed your messages at’ request.

“This might be a great time to put a f‑‑‑‑‑‑ pistol in your f‑‑‑‑‑‑ mouth and also pull the trigger ... Her days space f‑‑‑‑‑‑ numbered.”

Anonymous risk to vermouth election officials

These cases carry out a distinct perspective into how civilization with daily jobs and lives have end up being radicalized to the allude of terrorizing windy officials. They are part of a wider campaign of are afraid waged against frontline employees of American democracy chronicled by this year. The news organization has actually documented virtually 800 intimidating message to election officials in 12 states, including more than 100 that might warrant prosecution, according to legal experts.

The check of the threats additionally highlights the paralysis of regulation enforcement in responding come this extraordinary assault on the nation’s electoral machinery. After ~ reported the prevalent intimidation in June, the U.S. Room of Justice released a task force to inspection threats versus election staff and also said it would aggressively pursue such cases. But regulation enforcement agencies have actually made virtually no arrests and winner no convictions.

In plenty of cases, they no investigate. Some messages to be too tough to trace, officials said. Other instances were complicated by America’s patchwork that state regulations governing criminal threats, which provide varying level of defense for complimentary speech and also make local public official in part states reluctant come prosecute such cases. Including to the confusion, legal scholars say, the U.S. Can be fried Court there is no formulated a clear definition of a criminal threat.

For this report, collection out to identify the people behind these strikes on choice workers and also understand your motivations. Reporters it is registered public-records requests and interviewed dozens of choice officials in 12 states, obtaining call numbers and email addresses for 2 dozen that the threateners. was able to interview ripe of them. Every admitted they to be behind the threats or other hostile messages. Eight did so on the record, identifying us by name.

In the seven situations that legal scholars said could be prosecuted, legislation enforcement agencies were alerted by election officials to six of them. The world who make those hazards told they never ever heard from police.

All ripe harassers interviewed by stated they believed they go nothing wrong. Simply two express regret as soon as told their messages had frightened public representative or caused security scares. The 7 others to be unrepentant, v some speak the election employees deserved the menacing messages.

Ross Miller, a Georgia real-estate investor, warned an official in the Atlanta area the he’d be tarred and feathered, hung or challenge firing squads unless he addressed voter fraud. In an interview, Miller claimed he would proceed to do such calls “until they perform something.” that added: “We can’t have another election until they solve what occurred in the critical one.”

The harassers express beliefs comparable to those voiced by rioters that stormed the U.S. Capitol ~ above January 6, trying to block Democrat Joe Biden’s certification as president. Nearly all of the threateners experienced the country deteriorating into a war between good and angry – “patriots” versus “communists.” they echoed extremist principles popularized through QAnon, a collective of baseless conspiracy theories that often cast Trump as a savior figure and Democrats as villains. Some said they to be preparing for polite war. Six were in your 50s or older; all yet two were men.

They are component of a nationwide phenomenon. America’s federal elections room administered through state and local officials. But the threateners are targeting workers much from home: seven of the ripe harassed public official in various other states. Some targeted election officials in states where Trump lost by comprehensive margins, such as Colorado – or even Vermont, where Biden won by 35 portion points.

“These people firmly think in the ‘Big Lie’ the the previous president legitimately winner the election,” stated Chris Krebs, who ran the Cybersecurity and also Infrastructure Security agency at the department of homeland Security. Krebs to be fired through Trump critical year for heralding that the 2020 election had been conducted fairly. By terrorizing election officials, the said, they’re successfully acting as Trump’s “foot soldiers.” 

A trump card spokesperson did not respond to requests because that comment.


~ above GUARD: Patrol cars outside the Montpelier Police department in the state resources of Vermont, whereby a man has actually been threatening choice officials. so

Representative man Sarbanes, a Maryland Democrat, presented legislation in June to do it a federal crime to intimidate, threaten or harass an election worker. The bill, which has actually not come up for a vote, followed a investigation right into such threats published the very same month.

“I think we’re on a attention path,” Sarbanes said last week as soon as told the hazards were proceeding with little law enforcement intervention. “We desire there come be part effective and also sustained push earlier on this sort of harassment.”

You’re “about to obtain f‑‑‑‑‑‑ popped”

Only among the ripe harassers interviewed wouldn’t expose his identity: the male threatening vermont officials. Prior to reporters started examining him, regulation enforcement officials had decided against investigating, as countless other agencies have actually done in comparable cases nationwide.

Late critical year, in between Nov. 22 and Dec. 1, that left 3 messages with the secretary the state’s office from a number that state police deemed “essentially untraceable,” follow to an inner police email acquired through a public-records request. The man determined himself as a vermouth resident in one voicemail.

Police didn’t seek a instance on the grounds that he didn’t threaten a specific person or show an imminent plan to act, according to emails and prosecution records. State police never spoke with the caller, follow to interviews through state officials, a law enforcement source and a evaluation of inner police emails. did.

Reporters connected with the in September ~ above the phone call number police dubbed untraceable. In 5 conversations over 4 days spanning an ext than 3 hours, he identified threatening vermouth officials and described his thinking.

He soon grew agitated, peppering 2 reporters through 137 texts and voicemails end the past month, threatening the journalists and describing his election conspiracy theories.

The man telephoned the secretary that state’s office again on Oct. 17 indigenous the exact same phone number provided in the other threats. This time the was more explicit. Addressing state staffers and referring to the two journalists by name, he said he guarantee that all would soon acquire “popped.”

“You males are a bunch that f‑‑‑‑‑‑ clowns, and also all friend dirty c‑‑‑suckers are about to gain f‑‑‑‑‑‑ popped,” that said. “I f‑‑‑‑‑‑ guarantee it.”

The officials ad the voicemail to state police, who again declined to investigate. Agency spokesperson Adam Silverman claimed in a statement the the blog post didn’t constitute one “unambiguous reference to total violence,” including that words “popped” – typical American slang because that “shot” – “is unclear and also nonspecific, and also could it is in a reference to someone being arrested.” 

Legal specialists didn’t watch it the way. Fred Schauer, a college of Virginia legislation professor, said the post likely made up a criminal danger under federal legislation by threatening gun violence at certain individuals. “There’s certainly an intent to put civilization in fear,” Schauer said.

After asked vermont officials around the October threat, the commonwealth Bureau of investigation began an inquiry into the matter, follow to two local regulation enforcement officials.

The FBI decreased to confirm or deny any type of investigation into that threat and others report in this story. In a statement, the bureau stated it takes such acts seriously, working through other law enforcement organ “to identify and stop any kind of potential dangers to public safety” and “investigate any and also all federal violations come the fullest."


Many that the harassers have actually been radicalized through a cultivation universe of far-right websites and other resources of disinformation about the 2020 election. Prefer Trump, they bashed mainstream news outlets and cast them together complicit in fancy scheme to steal the election.

Jamie Fialkin that Peoria, Arizona, speak of a cool conspiracy of those controlling the media, the bank system and social media companies. “When you have those three things, friend can get away with anything – you can tell people, ‘black is white, white is black,’ and also people go, ‘OK,’” Fialkin said.

On the surface, nothing around Fialkin’s biography suggests extremism. A former stand-up comedian from Brooklyn, new York, Fialkin stated he has a level in actuarial science, the study of insurance allowance data. In 2017, the self-published a publication marketed together a “survival guide” for first-time larger parents. The 54-year-old said he spends most days taking treatment of his two young daughters and driving part-time because that Lyft.

At a 2006 comedy show, he poked fun at his “professional bowler” physique, balding head, and also inability to play golf. The self-described Orthodox Jew likewise took target at Palestinians and described his politics views as “a little more to the right.”

Fialkin stated in an interview that he’s no longer in a joking mood.

He trust America is top for polite war. The endorsed Trump’s false insurance claims that countless fraudulent votes swung the choice to Biden. He stated he’s encouraged that former President Barack Obama, a Democrat, and also progressive philanthropist George Soros purchase fake ballots from China, another debunked theory supported by Trump’s allies.

Fialkin blamed one human being in specific for Trump’s Arizona loss: Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, the state’s height election official. On June 3, Fialkin referred to as Hobbs’ office and left a message saying she’d hang “from a f‑‑‑‑‑‑ tree.”

“They’re walking to hang you for treason, you f‑‑‑‑‑‑ bitch,” Fialkin said.


TARGETED: Arizona Secretary that State Katie Hobbs, presented addressing the state’s Electoral university members last December, has actually been a main target the those threatening election officials in the wake of Trump’s stolen-election claims. Ross D. Franklin/Pool via

Minutes later, Fialkin left another voicemail in which he encourage a “good slogan” because that Democrat Hobbs’ project for governor: “Don’t vote for me, for one reason. Back in December, I acquired hung for treason.”

Fialkin claimed he never intended to damage Hobbs, however was unapologetic.

“I’m not denying anything,” that said, “because ns a patriot.”

Fialkin claimed he adjusted his Republican voter registration to independent due to the fact that the party didn’t fight hard enough for Trump.

“I’m like many Americans,” he said. “We’re simply waiting to see as soon as the civil war starts.”

Fialkin’s messages were part of a barrage targeting Hobbs. 2 others came from Jeff Yeager, a 56-year-old self-employed electrician indigenous Los Angeles, California. Yeager, too, dubbed for she execution.

“When Katie the c‑‑‑ is executed for treason, what are you f‑‑‑‑‑‑ traitors going to be doing for work?” Yeager stated in a June 17 voicemail left for Hobbs and her staff. Months later, on Sept. 8, he left one more voicemail warning she’d it is in executed.

“When Katie the c‑‑‑ is executed because that treason, what are you f‑‑‑‑‑‑ traitors going to be doing for work?”

Voicemail left by Jeff Yeager ~ above June 17 for Arizona Secretary the State Katie Hobbs

Yeager recognized leaving the messages and said he didn’t treatment if Hobbs felt threatened. “If she thinks the I’m a danger to her, i’m not,” the said. “But the general public is walking to hang this woman.”

Yeager stated he sees the mainstream media as full of disinformation; he called “one that the most evil organizations on the planet.” He stated he gets his news native “alternative web page that are not censored,” consisting of social network Gab and Bitchute, a video-sharing site well-known for hosting far-right figures and conspiracy theorists. 

“Everything we’re gift told is a lie,” he said.

In an interview, Hobbs said the threats by Fialkin, Yeager and also others have actually been “emotionally draining” because that her and her staff. The messages from Fialkin and Yeager were sent to the FBI, her spokesperson said. Part threats triggered a defense detail, Hobbs said.

Jared Carter, a Cornell University regulation professor specializing in constitutional free-speech issues, stated the dangers by both men could be prosecuted under commonwealth law. “In light of the many voicemails indigenous the same person, and also the in its entirety tone of the messages, a court might find castle to be true threats,” Carter said.

Election administrators such as Hobbs are component of a wider array of public officials target by trump supporters. The day before Yeager spoke v in September, the said, two FBI agents went to him in ~ his Los Angeles house to discuss threats that made come two national politicians: Republican city council Mitt Romney and Democratic house Speaker Nancy Pelosi, both of who denounced Trump because that inciting the January 6 insurrection. He stated the FBI agents produced transcripts that his calls come Pelosi and also Romney. Yeager said the transcripts quoted him together saying “we will certainly kill you.”

The agents instructed him exactly how to lawfully to express his politics views, Yeager said, and left there is no arresting him. “I’m not making any an ext calls to anybody,” the said. “I may have crossed the heat in one sentence, however I’m no peril to anybody.”

Spokespeople because that Romney and Pelosi declined to talk about Yeager’s threats.

Inspired by Trump

Others who threatened election officials told they were straight inspired by trump card or his prominent allies, who have denounced specific election offices nationwide for enabling voter fraud, turning them right into targets.


Eric Pickett, a 42-year-old night staffer in ~ a youth treatment center in Utah, claimed his fury boiled end after watching an Aug. 10 “cyber symposium” hosted by pillow magnate Mike Lindell, a Trump ally who has pushed false choice conspiracy theories.

Pickett said he payment close attention as among the symposium’s speakers, Tina Peters, a Republican clerk in Colorado’s Mesa County, criticized Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold, a Democrat. Griswold has been top an investigation into Peters end a voting-system defense breach in Mesa, among the state’s many conservative counties. In ~ the symposium, Peters, an election-fraud conspiracy theorist, claimed Griswold “raided” she office to produce false evidence and also “bully” her.

None of that was true, follow to state officials. Nonetheless, Pickett snapped. He acquired on Facebook and also sent Griswold a message.

“You raided one office. You damaged the law. Avoid USING your TACTICS. Stop NOW. Watch your back. I know WHERE girlfriend SLEEP, I check out YOU SLEEPING. It is in AFRAID, be VERRY AFFRAID. Ns hope you die.”

A Griswold spokesperson stated the August blog post was promptly referred to state and federal legislation enforcement. The danger was reported through in September.

Pickett stated in one interview that he “got wrapped increase in the moment.” He was surprised Griswold uncovered the article threatening and also expressed remorse for leading to alarm.

“I didn’t understand they would take it as a threat,” that said. “I was thinking they would just take it as somebody simply trolling them.”

Colorado State Patrol, in response to a documents request, claimed they had actually no investigative reports top top the threat. A spokesperson, Sergeant troy Kessler, claimed the State Patrol reviewed every messages it obtained from Griswold’s office and that no one had actually been arrested.

Three legal professionals said the post met the threshold of a risk that can be prosecuted under commonwealth law. “The entirety purpose that the dangers doctrine is to protect civilization from not just a prospect of physical violence, yet the damages of living with a threat hanging end you,” claimed Timothy Zick, a william & Mary legislation School professor.

Lindell and also Peters did not respond come requests for comment.

Tarred and feathered

Trump’s stolen-election claims around Georgia, traditionally a Republican stronghold, have sparked few of the most serious election threats.

In a Dec. 10 hearing arranged by Georgia Republican lawmakers, trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani played a quick snippet of surveillance footage native Atlanta’s State farm Arena, i beg your pardon was used as a tabulation site. He declared it proved Fulton ar election employees pulling out suitcases complete of fraudulent ballots in Biden’s favor. State investigators and also county officials have actually said the “suitcases” were conventional ballot containers and the video shows common vote-counting.

“I left the message due to the fact that I’m a patriot, and also I’m sick and tired of those going top top in this country… that’s what happens once you commit treason: You acquire hung.”

Ross Miller, explaining why the told a Georgia election official he can be enforcement

Ross Miller, the real-estate investor in Forsyth County, Georgia, observed the video. That left a Dec. 31 voicemail for Fulton ar Elections manager Richard Barron, saying he “better run” and also that hell be tarred and feathered and also executed uneven “ya’ll execute something” about voter fraud. Barron forwarded the threat to police, according to a county email.

However, Fulton county Police Chief wade Yates said his company did not call Miller after concluding the message did not constitute a risk under Georgia law.

In one interview, Miller acknowledged making the call.

“I left the message because I’m a patriot, and I’m sick and also tired of those going on in this country,” he said. “That’s what happens once you go treason: You get hung.”

Miller, who claimed he remained in his sixties, stated he’s to be kicked turn off Twitter seven times because that his views. He complies with “Tore Says,” a podcast famous with QAnon adherents whose host, Terpsichore Maras-Lindeman, has dubbed for a “revolutionary movement.”

“You’ve obtained to was standing up,” said Miller. “You’re one of two people a patriot for the flexibility of this country or you’re a communist against it.”


The vermouth State Capitol in Montpelier, Vermont, among America’s many liberal states, has seen the development of a small white-nationalist movement. so

‘You’re every f‑‑‑‑‑‑ dead’

Some vermont officials doubted why the male intimidating state officials no investigated or prosecuted, highlighting a more comprehensive national conflict over exactly how to respond to post-election threats. In a sample seen across America, Vermont law enforcement officials decided this man’s repetitive menacing messages amounted to legally protected cost-free speech.

The threatener concentrated on among the central conspiracy theories supported by Trump and his allies: that officials had actually rigged vote-counting modern technology from rule Voting systems to flip numerous votes to Biden.

“Just let everybody recognize that their days are f------ numbered,” he claimed in a Dec. 1 voicemail. “There space a lot of world who space going to it is in executed.”

“There room a lot of civilization who room going to it is in executed.”

The vermouth threatener in a Dec. 1 voicemail

Around the time, officials in ~ Dominion’s headquarters in Colorado got three unstable voicemails. “You’re all f‑‑‑‑‑‑ dead,” said one message. “We’re going to f‑‑‑‑‑‑ kill girlfriend all.” The caller’s phone call number and voice matched those top top the vermouth threats.

The threats to dominion were referred to the Denver Police Department and the FBI. Denver police fail to recognize the caller, a room spokesperson said.

The vermont secretary the state’s office is located in a historical 19th-century brick Queen Anne-style house in the funding of Montpelier. The staff helps register voters and provide elections in a state with one of America’s lowest prices of violent crime. The voicemails terrified some staffers.

“I had actually to try to calm world down,” Secretary the State Jim Condos stated in an interview. “We were every on edge.”

‘ON EDGE’: vermouth Secretary that State Jim Condos states staffers in his office have actually been rattled by a collection of threats. so

After the Dec. 1 threats, vermouth Deputy Secretary the State kris Winters to express astonishment the police wouldn’t seek the caller, follow to emails in between secretary-of-state officials and police acquired through a records’ request.

“I to be trying to make sense of this,” Winters composed in an email to Daniel Trudeau, the criminal division commander the the vermont State Police. “If someone provides a veiled threat to concerned the Secretary the State’s office and also execute only the guilty persons on the choice team, without specify name names, they’ve not broken the law?” Winters included that he want to recognize “who we’re handle with.”

Trudeau replied that he had consulted with various other officers and also didn’t check out a crime, since the caller did not specify the he would concerned the secretary of state’s office and did no say the he personally would execute anyone.

Vermont’s state police intelligence unit tried but failed to recognize the caller. Police check the number, which bore a vermont area code, but said it was untraceable, according to an email between state police officials. The unit’s commander, Shawn Loan, created to Trudeau saying that the threats might be component of a “larger campaign” and the phone call “may have actually been scripted.” He added that the caller provided voice-over-internet technology. Two previous FBI agents claimed such calls can be harder to map than those made from landlines or to move phones.

Loan was not immediately available for comment, a spokesperson said.

Vermont State Police didn’t pursue the threatener. Rory Thibault, the state’s attorney in Washington County, which consists of Montpelier, sustained Trudeau’s decision in a four-page Dec. 15 memo to state police. The messages were “protected speech,” Thibault wrote, since they were no “directed in ~ a solitary person or official.” They to be “conditional” on a “perception that malfeasance in the election process,” and also the caller didn’t indicate he would certainly personally inflict harm, the said.

‘PROTECTED SPEECH’: Rory Thibault, a state’s attorney, break up the harasser’s message did not constitute criminal behavior. Vermont laws offer greater protections for individual rights than do federal laws, he says. therefore

Zick, the william & mar professor, said a danger doesn’t necessarily have actually to solitary out a details individual to be prosecuted under federal law. If who calls in a bomb risk to Congress rather than come a certain senator’s office, because that instance, “that’s quiet a threat.”

In an interview, Thibault claimed Vermont regulations pose unique challenges for pursuing such cases because they offer higher protections for individual civil liberties than federal laws. He added that the threats and also the rise of extremist rhetoric are bring about a press for tougher anti-harassment laws.

Vermont State Representative Maxine Grad said she plans to introduce a bill in the January conference aimed at expanding protections for human being who have actually received criminal threats, such as election workers.

On Dec. 16, a work after the state’s lawyer ruled the end an investigation, the unidentified caller taunted vermont election public representative in a new voicemail. “All the traitors will certainly be punished” in the “next few weeks,” the said. “Kill yourself now.”

This time, the caller offered a various number that showed up to be a pre-paid “burner” phone.

Montpelier Police Chief Brian Peete to be concerned. “Very disturbing,” he wrote to state police, security and secretary the state officials after reviewing the Dec. 16 threat. “Fits profile of someone who may act.”

reason FOR CONCERN: Montpelier Police chief Brian Peete states he concerns that the male threatening vermont officials fits the file “of someone who may act.” so

Again, state police decreased to investigate because the caller didn’t threaten a specific individual, according to police emails.

The phone numbers supplied by the caller left few clues around his identity. One reverse phone lookup company linked his number come Bennington, a city of around 15,000 people in southwest Vermont. Denver police couldn’t recognize the caller, but found “decent information” linking the number to Bennington, follow to a Denver Police room report ~ above the dangers to Dominion.

Surrounded by the eco-friendly Mountains, the Bennington area is recognized for that picturesque farm houses, a towering Revolutionary War battle monument and blazing loss foliage. Less well-known is that the rural, mostly white town and also other components of southerly Vermont have actually seen a increase in Trump-inspired militia activity in recent years, residents and state public representative say.

In April, the city agreed to pay a $137,500 settlement to Kiah Morris, the state legislature’s just black female chosen official, who resigned in September 2018, complying with complaints the Bennington police fail to correctly investigate racially motivated harassment against her. Morris decreased to comment for this story.

The calls native the still-unidentified male threatening election officials and reporters were referred to the FBI, according to police emails. very first reached the guy on Sept. 17. In a quick interview, he referenced the ascendancy conspiracy theory. Asked because that his name, he swore and also hung up.

A mainly later, the journalists contacted the again ~ above the very same number. The admitted leave the voicemails come express his “absolute dissatisfaction” in the election. In three subsequent phone interviews top top Oct. 6 and 7 that covered a full of two and a half hours, he opened up up about his views.

The male said he believed thousands the fake ballots were cast in Arizona, repeating debunked claims. He stated members that the media would confront tribunals and also be executed prefer the Nazi leaders that were hung ~ the Nuremberg trials in the 1940s and also that perpetrators of election fraud would certainly be sent to army prison.

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He claimed he live “in the woods,” and worked in construction. That didn’t very own a gun, however said he had “a baseball bat and also a machete.” He mutual videos native the far-right website Bitchute and also said the watched “all kinds of ingredient that certainly needs to it is in investigated.”

Then he turned on the journalists.

In one Oct. 11 voicemail, he intimidated to sue the reporters for obtaining his telephone number native state records. Over the next 25 days, that texted them 91 times, share misinformation top top the beginnings of the coronavirus and other conspiracy theories. On Oct. 17, he left the new voicemails in ~ the vermouth secretary that state’s office, consisting of the one threatening the the reporters and also election staffers would obtain “popped.”

The next morning, the caller adhered to up with an ext texts to the journalists. “I to be going to ruin you and that is a threat.” In multiple texts, he claimed he would “ruin” the life of among the reporters. Top top Oct. 30, he left two much more voicemails for them. “You space all going come f‑‑‑‑‑‑ hang. Ns going come make certain of it,” claimed one. “Bad s‑‑‑ is gonna to take place to you,” claimed the other. “Your days room f‑‑‑‑‑‑ numbered.”

He likewise sent the reporters four messages with the same picture: a grainy black-and-white photograph of a public execution that has been shared commonly in far-right society media, through a caption claiming it confirmed “members of the media” hanging in “Nuremberg, Germany.” (In fact, the photograph was taken in Kiev, Ukraine, illustrating Nazi policemans being hung for battle crimes.)