Ice road Truckers is one American truth television show series that to be debuted on background Channel ~ above 20th June 2007. The present is mainly about drivers who overtake trucks on seasoned routes, cross rivers and frozen Lakes in arctic locations in Canada and Alaska. The show features numerous notable casts among them is Lisa Kelly. She has featured in numerous episodes the the “Ice roadway Truckers.” Know more about Lisa Kelly’s Married life and also meet she husband, Traves Kelly. Also, have a look at her net worth and also salary indigenous the present in wiki kind biography..

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Ice roadway Truckers Lisa Kelly married come Traves Kelly. Know much more about her husband.

The Ice road Truckers star Lisa Kelly is married come his longtime boyfriend, Traves Kelly. The daronger trucker who has actually crashed plenty of trucks and bikes ~ above the television series Ice roadway Truckers has actually been happy married for part time now.

The pair met way back if racing and also they got involved to one another. Lisa Kelly and her husband Traves kelly married in 2008 after dating for an ext than four years in a private wedding, and also they have been happily married since then.

Her husband Traves Kelly is likewise a racer is a marching partner. Traves is from Alaska and also loves bikes. In fact, the is a biker. The couple shares many things in common. Traves and Lisa have no boy at the moment, however they are planning on having actually one sooner or later.


Caption:- Ice road Truckers Lisa Kelly v her husband, Traves Kelly


Lisa Kelly has had actually a an extremely fruitful career in racing. She has appeared in countless television shows. She was a lone woman in Ice roadway Truckers season 3 in 2009. Because then she has made many appearances on the show.

Her illustration in ice Truckers subsequently caused her debut in Ice roadway Truckers: Deathliest roadways which to be shot in Himalaya mountains in India together Ricky Yemm, Dave Redmon and Alex Debogorski.

Her network Worth is $500,000

Lisa Kelly has actually made a fortune in her career. Together a trucker, she has constructed fame and also financial success for herself. Her fan base has likewise increased tremendously, and she has regularly been described as the hot Chick that racing.

In general, Lisa Kelly has a net worth of over $500,000. She has been able to accumulate every this v her sheer hard work in racing. Her resource of earnings is largely through she racing career in Ice road Truckers.

Her network worth, however, is topic to increment given that she is still energetic on the road and quite young.


Ice road Truckers Lisa Kelly network Worth is $500,000

Age, Birthday

Lisa Kelly, the lone woman in Ice roadway Truckers, is quiet young. She is 37 year old. Her birthday is normally commemorated on December 8th. She has accomplished many despite she is still rather young. Her career in racing has actually blossomed, and also she is act well.

Wiki Bio

Lisa Kelly was born on 8 hours December 1980 in cool Rapids Michigan. The household moved to Alaska once she was six. She, therefore, flourished up in Alaska through her family. Lisa Kelly attend Cornerstone university though that was just for a semester. She got her cultivate in truck driving in Alaskan Haulage Company.


Caption:- Ice roadway Truckers Lisa Kelly is now 37 year old.

Prior to appearing in Ice roadway Truckers, Lisa had operated in other miscellaneous places. For instance, she had actually to work as a college bus driver for quite some time and also a motocross rider. Return she has actually a wide selection of stardom now, she had a fair share of struggles in she life. Talking around the struggle she likewise worked in ~ a gas station and in Pizza company.

She currently lives in Wasilla Alaska through her husband, Traves Kelly. In her free time, she likes horse riding, engine crossing, hangs gliding and snowboarding.

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