If a bird poops on friend or anything girlfriend own, it"s stated to be an excellent luck.

The Russian superstition is based on the rarely odds of actually being pooped on through a bird.

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A rabbit"s foot or horseshoe might be the more traditional objects relating to symbols of great luck, however we can"t forget about bird poop.

Is a Bird Pooping on You yes, really a authorize of good Luck?

With as many birds together there room in the sky, it"s supposedly much more rare to be pooped on through one than it is to success the lottery. This actually prompts many world to beat the lotto as soon as they do acquire pooped on by a winged wayfarer. Deserve to you imagine having a win ticket because that the Powerball after acquiring pooped on by a bird? (Now that"s some great fortune!)

However, we recognize that parking a car under a tree is a recipe because that disaster, so you"re tempting fate if you play that game. Gift struck through lightning is even rarer and also not checked out as quite so fortunate, therefore it could be time come dispel the myth neighboring bird poop"s sign of luck.

Now, you"re probably hoping following time you view a i m crying of seagulls that one will just feel a couple of bubble guts and release some bird droppings ~ above you. Hey, it could feel like a negative day at first, however it could be her lucky day. If that happens, go and also buy a lottery ticket. Although, i hope you have actually a great stain remover because if you had any prior poor luck, it could leave you through a pistol stain.

Don"t toss out your favourite t-shirt if you"re lucky enough to get pooped on. We"ve gained you v the finest stain removers. Your shirt will look new in no time ~ a fall of these babies, and also a an excellent wash.

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Good omen aside, did bird poop on your stuff? Rid yourself of poo stains with these stain-removing products!

1. Birds to Go


There is naught lucky about cats and also dogs peeing or pooping (or any form of pet feces for that matter) anywhere other than exterior or in the litter box. If one accident does occur inside, we"ve gained you covered. I understand I"d rather just toss the entirety couch if my dog peed on it, yet unless you have the money to change it soon, it"s not realistic. The reviews on this pet stain & odor eliminator space fantastic!

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