Definition noun A chemical test that detects any compound containing 2 or much more peptide binding Supplement Biuret test is used for detecting compounds through peptide bonds. A biuret reagent may be supplied to test the aqueous sample. This blue reagent is make by combining salt hydroxide and also copper sulfate solutions. A couple of drops that this reagent will turn the aqueous sample comprise compounds v peptide bonds native pale to intense violet colour. The violet color intensity relies on the variety of peptide bond in the sample. The biuret check is likewise used come detect proteins. The is because proteins are made up of polypeptides, i m sorry in turn, are made that amino acids joined through peptide bonds. The longer the polypeptide chain is, the more peptide bonds over there are, and also therefore, the an ext intense the violet colour will certainly be when biuret check is applied. It likewise follows that a pale violet or pinkish colour indicates shorter polypeptide chain or fewer peptide bonds. A negative result (lack the violet colour formation) may mean lack of protein, or the presence of free amino mountain (without peptide bonds). The test, however, gives positive result to any kind of compound containing two carbonyl groups attached come a nitrogen or carbon atom. Thus, it may not be totally protein-specific. Performing various other protein tests may be necessary. See also:

Millon’s check

Last update on June 28th, 2021

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