A while earlier my brother picked up a WJ format Grand Cherokee limited with the Infinity "Gold" sound system. As soon as I heard it ns was for sure blown away at the sound quality and the pure pound indigenous the share system... After study I uncovered that the WJ Infinity device is rated at 180 watts, 6 speakers and also a 6 channel amp. The device absolutely and hands under BLOWS the "360" the end of the water also the LHS "360" that ns had uncovered to it is in even far better than the original ab amp. What yes, really brings out the thump in the device is the use of 2, 8" Infinity subwoofers native the Hyundai Azera. Ideal part, these woofers are twin voice coil, and also the plug is the exact same as the LH!How did I acquire these in the point out of a 6x9? I put these in my behind deck making use of the bracket that holds the subwoofer in location from a 2000-2003 Maxima/I30/i35. It"s a steel shelf that fits perfectly over the currently 6x9 opening and creates a mount for the 8" woofer! i sealed the base of the bracket v 3m home window weld ribbon and it also keeps that in place and also absorbs rattles!On to the specs:The Jeep Infinity Gold consists of 2 2.5" midrange speaker in the dash, 2 6x9" in every front door, and 2 6.75" in each rear door. The amplifier is situated under the passenger side of the behind seat in the grand Cherokee. Just like the LH, the WJ plenty of different revisions the the amp and the first revision is the best. Amplifier: 56038407AC (used in the first run that 1999 model WJ, I have actually yet to find one in a yard however this is WJ holy grail amp) advertisement revision is the many common and also what i am right now running. Sound is incredible. I removed my Basslink it"s that good! The revisions go approximately AG however the sound quality degrades through each revision. The concern with the amp is that it uses different connectors. It can be set up in one of two ways. Cutting your harness and also splicing the connectors in ar of her existing or do it almost plug and also play. To do this you will must purchase a 02+ Chrysler radio adapter exploit that will certainly plug right into the 22 pen LH amp connector.Now, the WJ offers PCI exact same as the LH. However, the WJ BCM sends out a blog post to the amp that it is in a WJ. What this method is the lows are sent to the front door woofers and also full variety to the rear doors. When the PCI is not connected it defaults to short frequency to the rear and midrange come the former doors! right for the LH cabin. The former doors can"t take care of the lot of eight that would certainly come native them in WJ form! So once you look in ~ the jeep wire diagram don"t worry about the PCI input.What i used:Scoshe CR02B radio harnessPig tails indigenous an LH amplifier exploit so the I can repin the radio harnessCouple of masculine terminals i harvested native existing unneeded harnesses to develop plug for the 12 pen amp harness.Wire crimpers target connectorsElectrical tape2 8" Infinity subs from 06+ Hyundai Azera 2 metal plates native 00-03 Maxima/i30/i35 for 8" woofer into rear deck2 Jeep WJ infinity rear door speakers (for prior doors component number 56038410AC)Jeep WJ amplifier pig tails ( i pulled as much of the harness together I could so ns would have extra wire)Diagrams:LH amp connectors:WJ amp connectors:If you have actually the "240" watt system you don"t must do anything because that the behind doors however what you will obtain out the the behind is low frequency only. If you have the "360" or want to store your rear door speakers you have two options.

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1 jump the signal from the dash speakers(which is what i did) or usage a crossover native the behind door speakers and also connect the behind doors indigenous the crossover.To save your center channel:Use the signal native the left dash + and also the right dash - if you have not upgraded your center to a door style sail speak or better, law this will certainly blow your facility speaker in under 1 minute at any kind of volume more than 1/4!Use the above diagram to connect the ideal wires come one an additional from the LH come the WJ harness. Test to ensure the it all works and be amazed at the sound top quality difference between the two amps! Bob, Ron, Tyler and also many rather didn"t think their ears when they heard this in ~ Carlisle! They every though that ns had committed Subs in the trunk and that it was no all manufacturing facility equipment! I will get an ext pictures of everything when I obtain a chance!Let me understand if you have any type of questions!
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