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Flowering plants are divided into two significant groups, the dicots and the monocots. The names of the two teams are based upon the number of cotyledons discovered in the seed embryo. Cotyledons room the seed leaves created by the embryo. Monocot seeds contain one cotyledon. Dicot seeds contain 2 cotyledons. 


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Flowering plants are divided into two major groups, the dicots and the monocots. The surname of the two groups are based on the number of cotyledons uncovered in the particle embryo. Cotyledons room the seeds leaves created by the embryo. Monocot seed contain one cotyledon. Dicot seeds contain 2 cotyledons. 

Bean seeds room members that the dicot group and also therefore have two cotyledonsMaize seeds space members the the monocot group and therefore have one cotyledon

Monocot and also dicot seed are additionally different in several other ways:


have pollen v a solitary porehave flower parts in multiples of threehave parallel leaf veinshave scattered stem vascular bundlesshow an absence of second growth


have pollen with three poreshave flower components in multiples of 4 or fivehave reticulated leaf veinshave vascular bundles in a ringshow the existence of an additional growth

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