Anyone who has actually been making use of the Internet and EDP because that a lengthy time should definitely have come throughout this acronym before. However what walk it stand for? The term specifies fixed character encoding, assigning printable personalities such as letters, numbers, point marks, and non-printable regulate character codes. The ASCII code deserve to be supplied to identify the representation of personalities by electronic devices, like pcs or smartphones. This is a an essential aspect of programming however is additionally important because that a continuous user to understand how the ASCII code works. For reference, we also provide you through a comfortable ASCII code table whereby you have the right to look up the details for every character.

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Character encoding is the American conventional Code for details Interchange, and also is the united state precursor come ISO 646 (internationally defined character sets). ASCII is a 7-bit code, definition that 128 characters (27) space defined. The code is composed of 33 non-printable and also 95 printable characters and also includes both letters, dot marks, numbers and also control characters.

The American criter Association (ASA, now well-known as ANSI because that American nationwide Standards Institute) had currently approved the American traditional Code for info Interchange (ASCII) in 1963 and listed binding specifications for exactly how electronic gadgets should screen characters. Since it is a completely US-American standard, it’s often referred to as US-ASCII. As much as predecessors go, over there is Morse code and coding that is used in telex writing, whereby a standardized code (e.g., a fixed sequence the acoustic signals) is translated into text. Due to the fact that computers cannot manage our alphabet – their interior processes are based upon the binary device – ASCII necessary to it is in developed.

To date, the authorize standard has actually only adjusted a couple of times to adapt to new requirements. Over there are expanded versions that use an eighth bit so that regional language distinctions can it is in displayed. Transforming between the Latin and also Arabic alphabets, because that example, no practical. As a result, Unicode based personality sets like UTF-8 are currently widely accepted: Unicode have the right to accommodate an ext than a million various characters. UTF-8 is additionally compatible v ASCII, therefore it also encodes the an initial 128 characters.

ASCII is a standard offered to represent personalities on digital devices. Come understand how it works, you very first need come be acquainted with how a calculator functions: in a computer, the computational procedures are constantly based off a binary system, meaning that zeroes and also ones recognize the processes. The is the reason why ASCII is likewise built top top this system. The original ASCII standard specifies different characters within seven bits – seven digits that suggest either a 0 or a 1. The eighth bit, i beg your pardon is one full byte, is traditionally used for checking purposes. The ASCII-based extended versions usage this specific bit to expand the available characters come 256 (28).

Each character corresponds to a seven-digit succession of zeroes and also ones, which deserve to then be represented as a decimal number, or together a hexadecimal number. The ASCII personalities can be divided into several groups.

Control Characters (0–31 & 127): Control personalities are no printable characters. Lock are supplied to send regulates to the pc or the printer and also are based upon telex technology. Through these characters, friend can set line division or tabs. Today, they are mainly out the use. Special Characters (32–47 / 58–64 / 91–96 / 123–126): Special personalities include all printable personalities that space neither letters nor numbers. These include punctuation or technical, mathematical characters. ASCII likewise includes the room (a non-visible yet printable character), and, therefore, does not belong come the control characters category, as one might suspect. Numbers (30–39): these numbers incorporate the ten Arabic number from 0-9. Letters (65–90 / 97–122): letter are divided into 2 blocks, through the an initial group containing the uppercase letters and the 2nd group include the lowercase.

The original purpose of the eighth is to check the data for errors. The “parity” bit allows the bit sequence receiver come detect inconsistencies. However, the just visible element is what occurred, no the reason of the error. This provides the same check relatively unsuitable because that correcting errors.

Values space usually stood for in decimal, binary and hexadecimal form on the ASCII password tables. The very first two are used as they are the most common number solution for humans and also machines. The hexadecimal system, top top the other hand, has actually the benefit that it comprises 16 characters (0-9 + A-F) and also can represent big numbers with fewer digits 보다 the other two options. This way, a byte can constantly be displayed with a preferably of 2 digits.

Bin.Hex.Dec.ASCII SymbolExplanationGroup
0000000 0 0 NULThe null personality prompts the an equipment to execute nothingControl Character
000000111SOHInitiates a header (Start of Heading)Control Character
000001022STXEnds the header and marks the beginning of a message. (start of text) Control Character
000001133ETXIndicates the end of the post (end that text)Control Character
000010044EOTMarks the finish of a completes infection (End the Transmission)Control Character
000010155ENQA inquiry that calls for a solution (Enquiry)Control Character
000011066ACKGives a hopeful answer come the request (Acknowledge)Control Character
000011177BELTriggers a beep (Bell)Control Character
000100088BSLets the cursor move earlier one action (Backspace)Control Character
000100199TAB (HT)A horizontal tab the moves the cursor within a row to the following predefined place (Horizontal Tab)Control Character
0001010A10LFCauses the cursor to jump to the following line (Line Feed)Control Character
0001011B11VTThe upright tab lets the cursor jump to a predefined line (Vertical Tab)Control Character
0001100C12FFRequests a web page break (Form Feed)Control Character
0001101D13CRMoves the cursor earlier to the very first position of the heat (Carriage Return)Control Character
0001110E14SOSwitches to a one-of-a-kind presentation (Shift Out)Control Character
0001111F15SISwitches the display earlier to the regular state (Shift In)Control Character
00100001016DLEChanges the an interpretation of the following personalities (Data attach Escape)Control Character
00100011117DC1Control personalities assigned depending on the maker used (Device Control)Control Character
00100101218DC2Control personalities assigned relying on the machine used (Device Control)Control Character
00100111319DC3Control characters assigned relying on the maker used (Device Control)Control Character
00101001420DC4Control personalities assigned relying on the an equipment used (Device Control)Control Character
00101011521NAKNegative solution to a request (Negative Acknowledge)Control Character
00101101622SYNSynchronizes a data transfer, even if no signals space transmitted (Synchronous Idle)Control Character
00101111723ETBMarks the end of a infection block (End of transmission Block)Control Character
00110001824CANMakes it clear the a transmission was faulty and also the data must be discarded (Cancel)Control Character
00110011925EMIndicates the end of the storage medium (End of Medium)Control Character
00110101A26SUBReplacement because that a faulty authorize (Substitute)Control Character
00110111B27ESCInitiates an escape sequence and also thus provides the following personalities a special an interpretation (Escape)Control Character
00111001C28FSMarks the separation of reasonable data blocks and also is hierarchically ordered: paper as the biggest unit, file as the the smallest unit.(File Separator, team Separator, record Separator, Unit Separator)Control Character
00111011D29GSMarks the separation of logical data blocks and also is hierarchically ordered: record as the largest unit, document as the smallest unit.(File Separator, group Separator, document Separator, Unit Separator)Control Character
00111101E30RSMarks the separation of logical data blocks and also is hierarchically ordered: file as the largest unit, file as the smallest unit.(File Separator, group Separator, record Separator, Unit Separator)Control Character
00111111F31USMarks the separation of reasonable data blocks and is hierarchically ordered: record as the largest unit, file as the the smallest unit.(File Separator, group Separator, document Separator, Unit Separator)Control Character
01000002032SPBlank room (Space)Special Character
01000012133!Exclamation markSpecial Character
01000102234Only price quotes aboveSpecial Character
01000112335#Pound signSpecial Character
01001002436$Dollar signSpecial Character
01001012537%Percentage signSpecial Character
01001102638&Commericial andSpecial Character
01001112739ApostropheSpecial Character
01010002840(Left bracketSpecial Character
01010012941)Right bracketSpecial Character
01010102A42*AsteriskSpecial Character
01010112B43+Plus symbolSpecial Character
01011002C44,CommaSpecial Character
01011012D45-DashSpecial Character
01011102E46.Full stopSpecial Character
01011112F47/Forward slashSpecial Character
011000030480 Numbers
01110103A58:ColonSpecial characters
01110113B59;SemicolonSpecial characters
01111003C60Small than bracketSpecial characters
01111013D61=Equals signSpecial characters
01111103E62>Bigger 보다 symbolSpecial characters
01111113F63?Question markSpecial characters
At symbolSpecial characters
10000014165ACapital letters
10000104266BCapital letters
10000114367CCapital letters
10001004468DCapital letters
10001014569ECapital letters
10001104670FCapital letters
10001114771GCapital letters
10010004872HCapital letters
10010014973ICapital letters
10010104A74JCapital letters
10010114B75KCapital letters
10011004C76LCapital letters
10011014D77MCapital letters
10011104E78NCapital letters
10011114F79OCapital letters
10100005080PCapital letters
10100015181QCapital letters
10100105282RCapital letters
10100115383SCapital letters
10101005484TCapital letters
10101015585UCapital letters
10101105686VCapital letters
10101115787WCapital letters
10110005888XCapital letters
10110015989YCapital letters
10110105A90ZCapital letters
10110115B91<Left square bracketSpecial character
10111005C92Inverse/backward slashSpecial character
10111015D93>Right square bracketSpecial character
10111105E94^CircumflexSpecial character
10111115F95_UnderscoreSpecial character
11000006096`Gravis (backtick)Special character
11000016197aLowercase letters
11000106298bLowercase letters
11000116399cLowercase letters
110010064100dLowercase letters
110010165101eLowercase letters
110011066102fLowercase letters
110011167103gLowercase letters
110100068104hLowercase letters
110100169105iLowercase letters
11010106A106jLowercase letters
11010116B107kLowercase letters
11011006C108lLowercase letters
11011016D109mLowercase letters
11011106E110nLowercase letters
11011116F111oLowercase letters
111000070112pLowercase letters
111000171113qLowercase letters
111001072114rLowercase letters
111001173115sLowercase letters
111010074116tLowercase letters
111010175117uLowercase letters
111011076118vLowercase letters
111011177119wLowercase letters
111100078120xLowercase letters
111100179121yLowercase letters
11110107A122zLowercase letters
11110117B123Left curly bracketSpecial characters
11111007C124lVertical lineSpecial characters
11111017D125Right curly bracketsSpecial characters
11111107E126~TildeSpecial characters
11111117F127DELDeletes a character. Because this control character is composed of the same number on all positions, during the typewriter era that was possible to invalidate one more character by punching out all the location (Delete)Control characters

The eighth bit (set come zero if prolonged version uses it) is allocated differently, depending upon the program. In many cases, the extra an are is used to cater because that country-specific variations. However, the very first 128 characters are constantly preserved in their initial form.

In ASCII, the system converts binary numbers right into printable and also non-printable personalities according come a specified standard, as provided in the table above. Users can likewise perform this computational processes without any type of aids. All you have to do is understand just how to calculation in binary or hexadecimal. In a number system, every digit corresponds to the strength on a specific basis: in the decimal system, the basic is 10. The bases are 2 and 16 because that binary and also hexadecimal systems, respectively. Multiply the value of the number by the worth of the digit.

Digit worths in the decimal system:


7304 = 7 * 10³ + 3 * 10² + 0 * 10¹ + 4 * 10⁰

This also works analogously in the various other two systems:

Binary system









However, there are just two digits, so:

1011 ≙1 * 2³ + 0 * 2² + 1 * 2¹ + 1 * 2⁰ = 11

Hexadecimal system









There are 16 characters, therefore:

F1A9 ≙ 15 * 16³ + 1 * 16² + 10 * 16¹ + 9 * 16⁰ = 61865

With this information and also the ASCII table, ASCII strings can be convert into any kind of number system. View this example, utilizing the term “Digital”:

„D“ coincides to the decimal value of 68 in the ASCII table, therefore:

68 = 1 * 2⁶ + 1 * 2² ≙ 1000100

68 = 4 * 16¹ + 4 * 16⁰ ≙ 44

“i” corresponds to the decimal worth of 105, therefore:

105 = 1 * 2⁶ + 1 * 2⁵ + 1 * 2³ + 1 * 2⁰ ≙ 1101001

105 = 6 * 16¹ + 9 * 16⁰ ≙ 69

“g” coincides to the decimal worth 103, therefore:

103 = 1 * 2⁶ + 1 * 2⁵ + 1 * 2² + 1 * 2¹ + 1 * 2⁰ ≙ 1100111

103 = 6 * 16¹ + 7 * 16⁰ ≙ 67

“i” synchronizes to the decimal value of 105, therefore:

105 = 1 * 2⁶ + 1 * 2⁵ + 1 * 2³ + 1 * 2⁰ ≙ 1101001

105 = 6 * 16¹ + 9 * 16⁰ ≙ 69

“t” synchronizes to the decimal 1106, therefore:

116 = 1 * 2⁶ + 1 * 2⁵ + 1 * 2⁴ + 1 * 2² ≙ 1110100

116 = 7 * 16¹ + 4 * 16⁰ ≙ 74

“a” coincides to the decimal value 97, therefore:

97 = 1 * 2⁶ + 1 * 2⁵ + 1 * 2⁰ ≙ 1100001

97 = 6 * 16¹ + 1 * 16⁰ ≙ 61

“l” corresponds to the decimal worth 108, therefore:

108 = 1 * 2⁶ + 1* 2⁵ + 1 * 2³ + 1 * 2² ≙ 1101100

108 = 6 * 16¹ + 12 * 16⁰ ≙ 6C

Accordingly, the instance word have the right to be represented as such:


utilizing Windows, you can go into Unicode personalities – thus, ASCII personalities – making use of a an essential combination. To perform this, host down the Alt an essential and go into the decimal worth of the character using the number pad ~ above the keyboard.

ASCII is tho widely used today, also though UTF-8 has become much more important once presenting a text. However, Unicode has actually only been displacing the old personality encoding an approach used throughout the early days of the internet because 2008. The benefit of using UTF-8 is that the code is virtually backwardly compatible: ASCII is a subset of UTF-8, for this reason the first 128 personalities are identical. Because ASCII can be considered the lowest common denominator that most new encoding forms, the old encoding technique is still supplied in emails and URLs.

In addition, ASCII has actually long been used for artistic purposes and also technical ones: ASCII art uses exclusively printable ASCII table personalities to produce creative works. The spectrum varieties from lettering, to an easy stick figures, to actual paintings. ASCII artists usage the different brightness level of individual characters to create light and also shade in your artworks.


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28.05.2020 since the introduction of internationalized domain name in 2003, Punycode has actually been ubiquitous on the internet. Web addresses prefer look peculiar, yet fulfil an essential function: lock encode non-ASCII characters into ASCII-compatible personality strings and therefore certain a smooth circulation in the network. Just how does this work, and also why is Punycode criticized so often? fine tell you.


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