And if you are a pet owner, you wouldn’t mind her cat nibbling on some jerky because, after all, the is healthy right?

But have the right to cats have beef jerky and remain healthy like your favorite human?

Cats have the right to eat beef jerky because it is essentially dried meat and also cats room carnivores. However commercial beef jerky may contain man-made flavoring or additives that can harm a cat. Because that instance, beef jerky with onion flavoring can be toxicity to a cat.

Beef jerky has actually grown famous in today’s human being of healthy and balanced living.

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And if you twin as a full time pet parent, you would desire your feline come embark ~ above the same journey the clean eating.

Read on to discover more about beef jerky because that cats and also if it is way to permit your hair baby gain some jerky.

Is beef jerky for cats safe?


The simplest answer to this concern is, Yes.

It is for sure to let your cat reap a item of jerky when you room snacking.

After all, beef jerky is beef that has actually been dehydrated to boost its shelf-life.

It is an old preservation technique that dates method back to the middle ages days.

But over there is a limit to just how much beef jerky your feline friend deserve to enjoy.


Because beef jerky contains copious amounts of salt provided as a preservative.

The salt helps in sucking water out of beef much faster through osmosis.

Also, salt is a organic antimicrobial agent the keeps bacteria and other pathogens from farming on the meat, hence preventing decay.

A most salt is used to close the drying process of beef jerky.

While this salt content provides the jerky tastier come the human tongue, it deserve to be very dangerous to a cat.

Is salt safe for cats?


Salt is totally toxic come both cats and dogs.

Salt was initially used in inducing vomiting in cats yet the procedure was lengthy banned since of the health risk that posed.

Excess usage by a cat have the right to lead to hypernatremia or salt poisoning.

Here is the catch,

Salt tolerance in cats is very different from that of humans.

A tespoon of salt is perfect for a recipe expected for human food.

But the same teaspoon that salt is extremely toxic because that a cat of any type of size.

Salt poisoning not only causes adverse side results it can additionally lead to body organ failure if the cat does no receive immediate medication attention.

Common symptoms because that salt poisoning include;

VomitingDiarrheaLoss that appetiteExtreme thirstDisorientationBody tremorsReduced energySeizuresFluid buildup around limbs

When you notification any that the over symptoms in her cat, take it them to the vets immediately.

Even if her cat survives the salt poisoning, the results could be severely damaged organs.

Is over there beef jerky for cat that is safe?

The most safe beef jerky for cats is one with low salt content and no fabricated fillers.

You have the right to reduce the salt content in beef jerky by cook the jerky in water through raw potatoes.

The potatoes absorb several of the salt indigenous the jerky strips making them less salty.

Also, protect against buying flavored beef jerky.

This variation of jerky often consists of garlic or onion flavoring i beg your pardon is toxic to cats.

Flavored jerky may likewise contain artificial additives that may harm your cat. To it is in safe, always opt for plain beef jerky.

Whenever friend feed her cat beef jerky strips, ensure castle have sufficient water next to them.

Salt renders cats very thirsty and it is an excellent if they have actually a new supply of water after indulging in jerky.

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You likewise should understand that cats are bad drinkers which renders hydrating them a many difficult.