After being spurned through Oregon head guy Chip Kelly, the Philadelphia Eagles have reportedly collection their sights on one more wildly successful college football coach—Notre Dame"s Brian Kelly.

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UPDATE: Wednesday, Jan. 9 in ~ 9:45 p.m. ET by Richard Langford 

Good news because that Notre Dame pan hoping that Kelly sticks around for a if longer. If Sports Illustrated"s Pete Thamel"s listed below tweet is accurate, Kelly"s talks with the Eagles might be no more than a kind of a negotiation. 

A Notre Dame resource tells me the the expected an outcome of Kelly"s NFL flirtation is a raise and also an extension.

— Pete Thamel(
SIPeteThamel) January 10, 2013

---End that update---

Jay Glazer the FOX Sports broke the story Wednesday evening through this tweet:

Eagles have actually legitimate attention in Notre Dame HC Brian Kelly. Kelly right now however is out of the country

— Jay Glazer (
JayGlazer) January 10, 2013

According to Ian Rapoport of, the two sides met ~ above Tuesday:

The #Eagles interviewed #NotreDame coach Brian Kelly ~ above Tuesday. That"s a wildcard.

— Ian Rapoport (
RapSheet) January 10, 2013

The 2 sides will certainly resume talks as soon as he returns to the states this weekend (h/t

Since acquisition over at Cincinnati in the 2006 worldwide Bowl—his first career power-conference job—Kelly has amassed a 62-17 document over the course of six seasons. That consists of two 12-0 regular seasons, one at Cincinnati in 2009 and one with the Fighting irish this past year.


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When prompted about moving to the NFL, Kelly called Notre Dame his dream job and also said, "Leaving is no an option." He did, however, leave the door somewhat open, continuing to say, "For me to say I’ll never ever coach in the NFL—I have no idea...It"s all around timing."

Philadelphia is searching for a new boss ~ its worst season due to the fact that 1998. Regardless of high expectations, the Eagles go 4-12 and it price Andy Reid, the longest-tenured coach in the league, his position.

Earlier in the day, Philadelphia scheduled an interview with previous Bears coach Lovie blacksmith (h/t, and the Eagles have likewise been attached to names choose Mike McCoy, Bruce Arians, Jay Gruden and Gus Bradley.

The Eagles are clearly doing your due diligence on all obtainable candidates, yet Kelly pole out as a specifically intriguing choice. In 3 years at Notre Dame, he"s gone 28-11 with a team that was 16-21 in the three years prior.

The capacity to develop that type of fast turnaround is exactly what the fallen-from-grace Eagles are looking for.

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