The bible calls him, “the adversary”, “lord of the flies”, “a snake” and, “the ruler of this world”. However Grammy winner chris Brown call him, “the f*king devil”.

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“When u tired of the f*king devil ruining your life and also u hear God speak because that the first time. No one knows what I deal with on a day to day. The average man wouldn’t hesitate to blow his f*king brains out however that’s the cowards means out… most won’t recognize the genius and also beauty in adjust and learning and the civilization who have actually devilish intentions will certainly win in the brief term. My spirit will always be pure that heart. 

What’s top top the surface always looks favor one huge party however inside over there is a small boy spring for assist and guidance. Human being say “be a man”. Yeah, that’s right yet it doesn’t take away any kind of pain you really go through. I just wanna continue to be out the way and perform music. Many importantly and an excellent father. I don’t have actually any more patience because that anything the will cause me to self destruct!!”

This is intense and also raw. Not an excellent for Sunday mornings. It’s every about Satan’s work, curse words, thoughts of suicide and a little boy who’s in search of help.

However, I want to emphasis on the fact that (according to Brown) the heard the voice that God for the very first time.

Because ns remember the very first time ns heard that too. That’s when everything changed.

Christopher Maurice Brown was born and also raised in Tappahannock, Virginia. A recording artist, dancer, actor and self-proclaimed born-again Christian who began singing at his church choir.

When stating his upbringing, Brown stated: “We were supplied to two pairs that shoes because that a institution year. We used to walk to church every day. I was among those youngsters that had much more church clothes than school clothes.”

He has also discussed when, “he competent the divine Ghost while performing ‘His Eye Is top top The Sparrow’ in church”. And also after gift released native jail on June 2014, Brown created that he to be “Humbled and also Blessed” and tweeted the words, “Thank friend GOD.”

At a young age Chris’ parents divorced, and also his mother’s friend terrified that by subjecting her to domestic violence.

Yet somehow (as it happens with numerous of us) Chris ended up behaving favor the guy he hated most.

In 2009, Brown received lot media fist after pleading guilty come felony assault of his then-girlfriend, singer Rihanna; he to be sentenced to five years the probation and also six month of neighborhood service

“I to be seeking the counseling of mine pastor, my mother and also other love ones and I am committed, through God’s help, to emerging a better person.”

Back climate he to be broken, exposed, guilty and also full the shame. The did a disastrous thing. I know how that feels.

Yet over there is nothing prefer the voice the God come comfort and also restore.


And this mainly Chris claims he heard that voice. He did not say what God called him. He share no insight ~ above the experience. He only claims emphatically the something has happened and also that he’s open up for more.

The cynical in me desires to emphasis on his ridiculous lyrics, his record of violence and all the disastrous things I’ve read around him if passing the gossip magazines at the Target checkout.

But with every one of my heart, I believe for more.

I’m sure that God loves that angry small boy who’s done through the devil. And I’m sure God still speak to other world like Chris. Correct I’m sure… due to the fact that He still speak to me.

“Christianity is not about great people obtaining better. If anything, it is good news for poor people coping through their failure to it is in good.” -Tullian Tchividjian in " target="_blank">Jesus + nothing = Everything

Back as soon as Katy Perry claimed that God spoke to her throughout her half-time Superbowl performance, ns wrote, “Maybe it was her very own mind who made it up. Probably it to be the devil tricking her. Or perhaps it was God. Since maybe (just maybe) he still speak to those who space broken and afraid. Maybe God is still a father, and also maybe that still likes come encourage. World will say that it is impossible for God to be nice to Katy Perry appropriate before she was around to sing “I kissed a girl and also I favored it” in former of millions of people. but if God refrained from speak to humans based upon the proximity of your sin, to trust me friend, nobody would ever before get to hear His voice.” (Read more: When God speaks to Katy Perry)

We space all listening to a voice. We space all gift fathered through someone. We room all obtaining our identities from somewhere.

According to Jesus, it is one of two people God His Father (now God Our Father) or that is the devil. 

Yes, the devil.

The an initial orphan. The one who was kicked out of heaven. The one who rules in the location God created for iniquity. The one who ended up being our tempter and enemy.

Jesus said, “Because you are unable come hear what i say. You belong to your father, the devil, and also you want to carry out your father’s desires. He to be a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. As soon as he lies, he speaks his indigenous language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.

This is Jesus explaining to religious leaders, that their inability to listen his native implied submission to one more voice.

When we space unable to hear to the love and kindness of Jesus, we obtain our fathering from somewhere else. Specifically, the an initial orphan. That is now supremely the Orphan Maker.

He’s the voice that says that girlfriend don’t matter. The you space alone. The you will always be __________ (stupid, angry, ugly, addicted).

And prefer Chris Brown, we have to be done through him.

This father of lies is make the efforts to hold us back from the fullness of God’s love. He will certainly lie come us about how great and forgiving and welcoming God yes, really is. He will make God sound angry and also distant and religious.

But God is nobody of those things.

He’s in reality a kind Papa. And also He’s crazy about you.

He’s cares about your heart and also your dreams and also your family. He’s a father the still speaks, quiet runs, still embraces (no matter exactly how much we’ve failed).

He’ll speak to us whether we are kris Brown or Katy Perry or Carlos A. Rodríguez. Because He has actually never been limited by our bad behavior. And also he’s far better at forgiving 보다 we room at sinning.

Jesus made a method to that Father.

So with every one of my heart ns pray the you and also Chris Brown (and most of all, me) can completely experience the sound of God’s glorious voice. There, every little thing will change.

The dad of lies turns youngsters into abusers, innocence into depravity, mistakes into shame.

But God the Father transforms sinners into saints, prodigals right into children, us into Him.

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Time come listen.


God, being wealthy in mercy, because of the an excellent love through which he loved us, also when us were dead in our trespasses, made united state alive together with Christ. Ephesians 2:4-5

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