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‘It is the product of numerous exhausting work of research, interviews of neighborhood elders and also field trips by the students.’‘In addition, students are taken on ar trips wherein they sit and sketch landmarks and put with each other a scrapbook on your feelings.’‘There are ar trips, nature study, and a whole lot of tools for the creative development of the children.’‘Later on, in class, the actual map and the historic map are merged with the landmarks the students defined on their ar trip.’‘Last year I made decision to take it a group of college student on a field trip to a atom bunker in Fife i beg your pardon is currently a museum.’‘Within the an initial two main of school, Nelson performed five student field trips come the locations of numerous of the levee breaches.’‘I had visited Chicago a lot once I was young, for trips and also field trips.’‘Students likewise saw the ar trips as valuable educational experiences.’‘Mrs. Pelaez to visit classes almost every day and also traveled with students to nearly all field trips.’‘Thanks go likewise to the many colleagues and students, on countless field trips that have helped us kind this interpretation.’‘One time ~ above a geology ar trip, a student"s mountain bottle, carded in a rear pocket, sprang a leak.’‘The field trip will certainly teach the students no only about their origin, but also about the impact it has actually on our economy and social background.’‘Recently he and also a group of students took a field trip to a church very driven by an innovation in that is worship.’‘A number of tours and field trips were part of the programme.’‘Cellphones with cameras will certainly be handy throughout field trips, commercial visits and also in labs.’‘At least one the us acquired to gain the day; Gnat had actually a field trip downtown come visit the Farmer"s Market.’‘People frequently stop in your tracks on the roadway to look in ~ it, and busloads of style students from nearby Aberdeen University have been known to make field trips there.’‘Through the component, students get involved in arts shows, dramatic presentations, and also field trips.’‘She has been at the center school since 1999, and also as one Italian speaker, she goes on skiing trips v the institution to Italy and also field trips come Grinton Lodge.’‘Only 5 of the 54 student in the course did not go ~ above the ar trip.’