NOTE: due to a recent influx that questions, Trooper Steve chose to revisit a topic he first answered in 2018. You have the right to read his original response below, which stays true in 2020.

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News 6 website traffic safety skilled Trooper Steve Montiero answer viewer questions about the rules of the road, help Orlando-area inhabitants become better drivers by being much better educated.

Natasha, that Apopka, asked Trooper Steve if it is illegal to drive v your car’s dome light on.

“As young motorists we room told a slew of things that no necessarily true,” Montiero said. “It’s much more of a list of points our parents said were against the law just so we would listen to them.”

In short, it’s not illegal to drive v your dome irradiate on, that said.

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“If she a parent, though, I deserve to understand why you may pass this along,” the said. “But after browsing the Internet and reading several different traffic laws, I’ve uncovered nothing the singles out the dome irradiate specifically. Now, over there are laws that talk around ‘interior lights,’ however nothing that mentions the dome light.”

Although the law may no say the driving v your dome irradiate is illegal, Montiero stated it’s not the safest thing to do.

“Think around the distraction the you room placing in ~ night top top a driver once that dome irradiate is on,” he said. “From depth perception come adjusting your night vision, these space things the dome irradiate can impact when left on because that an extended duration of time.”

Montiero said if a passenger in the car is trying come read, the or she could want to invest in a publication light therefore the dome light no necessary.

“Remember, back something may not be illegal, the doesn’t do it safe,” he said.


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