13 Investigates found sensitive an individual information within a dumpster in ~ a pharmacy on Indianapolis" northwest side.

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Bob Segall/13 InvestigatesGinny McClain and also Tyler Miller have never met, but the two strangers have actually something in common - their lives strangely linked by a bag of trash.

13 Investigates found sensitive personal information around McClain and also Miller within a dumpster at a pharmacy ~ above Indianapolis" northwest side. And also they aren"t the just customers whose information we discovered in the trash. Within the same garbage bag native that exact same dumpster was personal information around 56 various other customers, do the CVS pharmacy in ~ 56th Street and also Georgetown Road one of the worst we uncovered when it pertains to protecting patience privacy.

"I had actually no idea," said Danielle Miller, mother of 3-year-old Tyler. "This offers our call number, his date of birth, ours address.... I"m just amazed."

Richard Townsend, manager that the pharmacy, claimed confidential details like the is an alleged to be put in blue bags that are then shipped off and also burned.

So why go we uncover so much an individual information in clear bags in a wide open dumpster that"s easily accessible to anyone?

But it does take place at many drugstores about Indianapolis. 13 Investigates take it trash from 30 randomly chosen pharmacies and also at an ext than half of the stores, we uncovered customers" private info in the garbage.

Inside a dumpster in ~ the Walgreens at 3205 E. Washington Street in Indianapolis we discovered lots that pill bottles v patient information. Who tried to black out some information on the labels, yet it to be still simple to check out the names. Follow to the pharmacy manager, Dustin Waalkins, the bottles and also prescription labels simply slipped v the crack - an diverted incident.

"I have never seen open up bottles favor this in my dumpster before," Waalkins said. "My keep is very great about sending them ago to our warehouse where they"re destroyed. I"ve never seen lock in my dumpster before."

But we uncovered a the majority of those "isolated incidents" everywhere the city in wide-open dumpsters include patients" personal information. And it to be the exact same story in ~ pharmacies in Carmel and also Fishers, near Greenwood and in Beech Grove.

Among the stores we confirm were three Low expense Rx locations. Us found personal information in the trash at the Madison avenue store. The pharmacist, Ari Stevens, did no seem surprised.

At the CVS in Beech Grove, the dumpster right behind the pharmacy had actually a bag loaded with customer information. Us went earlier the following day and also told one assistant manager the patient records were in the trash. She flatly denied it.

When she to walk away, we confirm the dumpster again. Us found an ext patient information, and also then the assistant manager come back.

"Give me the trash," she said. "First that all, the is illegal to dumpster dive and I will speak to the cops top top you. I don"t treatment if you"re indigenous the news or not."

Actually, it is not illegal in Indiana - in fact, that"s why part pharmacies lock your dumpsters - come make sure no one gets into them.

But many of the dumpsters we found were no locked. Spokespersons for CVS and Walgreens, the nation"s biggest pharmacy chains, to speak locking the dumpsters must not be necessary because patient info shouldn"t it is in in there in the an initial place.

Don"t tell the to Robert Traylor. We discovered a pill bottle through his personal information in a dumpster behind a Walgreens on eastern 38th Street. In that very same dumpster we also found personal information for eight various other patients.

We asked the manager of the store, chris McCann, why customer information was finishing up in the trash.

He claimed it"s no Walgreens policy that"s the problem, however rather employees who don"t monitor the policy.

Following ours investigation, neighborhood pharmacies to speak they are now paying an ext attention to what walk in the garbage. Their customers speak it"s time the pharmacies begin talking trash to do sure plans are followed and that personal information doesn"t finish up in the dorn hands.

"This is an essential information," stated Danielle Miller. "I simply can"t think it was found in the trash."

To uncover out how your neighborhood pharmacy go in our test, click below for an interactive map. It consists of information around all 65 pharmacies us visited, what we uncovered at every one, and also how fine those stores safeguard their trash. Girlfriend can likewise click right here for a list of the stores that had actually very good security for their dumpsters.

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