Facebook identifies accounts with an email address, and also tries to collect email addresses the friends. That have the right to lead come fake accounts and unwanted invitations.

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I prevent Facebook. There space too plenty of problems associated with it, to add it’s just not mine thing. However, I have received email invitations (whatever that is) and also I’ve turned off them. One human being sent several over a couple of months. Carry out they gain paid to recruit accounts? The invitations to be from human being that seldom if ever before email me that have somehow retained my email address. Yet I digress. Have the right to someone produce a facebook account in my surname without mine permission or knowledge? exactly how do I inspect for any? What distinct identifier does on facebook use? an e-mail address? If found, just how do ns delete one erroneous account in my name? Obviously, if ns didn’t develop an account, I have actually no idea what the password is (assuming Facebook calls for accounts to have actually passwords).
Yes, who can create a facebook account in her name without your permission or knowledge.

But yes sir a lot an ext to your question.

Let’s work-related it in turning back order.

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3: Or, i believe, her mobile number.

4: At least until you’re particular that lock won’t spam your friends without accounts.

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I never let Facebook have actually my resolve book. I simply don’t trust them. Besides, also if lock don’t do anything other than send invites, why carry out I should send invites to everyone in my deal with book? some are work related.

Even if you don’t plan on making use of Facebook, I indicate that you collection up a facebook account. When it no necessarily stop impersonation, it can make the more an overwhelming to impersonate you.

Besides that, I believe that once you have actually an account, if you obtain an invite that you room not interested in, you deserve to tell facebook to block the human sending the invite from sending out any much more invites.

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Leo,I watch you still have a Facebook web page so you’re not totally avoiding it. A couple of years back you even had on facebook Fridays wherein your fans can ask questions about anything computer system related. Ns wish you’d bring that ago because you had actually easy to understand answers. In some cases I waited for that to asking a question instead of calling technology support and spending one hour make the efforts to define my concern to who that had actually a an overwhelming time speak or understanding English. So ns don’t think you’ve provided up totally on Facebook.