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Is the illegal to sell a offered mattress in NC at yard sale (for sale, buying)
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I have actually heard the it is however I can"t think it would be in ~ a garden sale or something. I can see stores no being able come sell offered ones however if ns am to buy something from someone as an individual i can"t see wht it would be illegal.
The law around selling offered mattresses had actually to do w/ public wellness interests, an ext than consumer protection, if I interpreted it correctly - and also requires "sanitation" of mattresses as a requirement b/f they room sold.I have no clue around yard sales . . . I was called a long time back that one can only provide away mattresses, not sell them, in NC. This was while i was working at a newspaper and also the publisher said we can not operation ads that room for provided mattresses - the a person have the right to sell a bed and also give away the mattress w/ it, yet they cannot sell a used mattress. I have no idea if that was simply someone"s interpretation of the law - or what - reason I have seen offered mattresses because that sale (such as you mentioned - in classified ads because that a garden sale).
Who would buy a offered mattress???? Bed bugs...bodily fluids....Yuck!!!!!!!!!! just the believed creeps me out! It"s bad enough sleeping on a used bed once traveling.
Who would certainly buy a supplied mattress???? Bed bugs...bodily fluids....Yuck!!!!!!!!!! simply the thought creeps me out! It"s poor enough sleeping on a provided bed when traveling.
Hey, it never ever ceases to amaze me what civilization will purchase at yard sales. Ns have had several and where I have it there room alot that Hispanics. Ns guess if girlfriend don"t have actually a mattress a supplied one beats the floor.
Hey, it never ever ceases to surprised me what world will buy at yard sales. I have had several and also where I have actually it there room alot of Hispanics. Ns guess if you don"t have actually a mattress a offered one beats the floor.
You would be surprise the amount of hispanics that will show up in a non hispanic area for a garden sale. Lock are an excellent for yards sales due to the fact that they often lug lots the cash and also if they not speak english well they room unable to haggle the price that well.You really just need come know basic Spanish come make much more effective sale.I would never ever buy a supplied mattress even if it was wrap in bedding plastic.Like the was stated above. Sanitation. I would not report if I observed someone doing it because our cops have bigger worries to be issue with and also if someone want it climate let them have actually it however dont invite me end to use it.Coleman wait mattresses are cheap and you can hose it down.

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Let me tie it to ago of kayak and pull you around while her drinking up a margarita. We will certainly not let Pookie drive as result of they seem to drive right into sticks or rocks lol
Let me tie it to back of kayak and pull you around while her drinking up a margarita. We will not permit Pookie drive as result of they seem to drive into sticks or rocks lol
Will that work and the inner tube we used to hook as much as boats and also ride all over the lake????? execute you think we deserve to rig increase a cup holder out of duct tape???? I have the right to put mine Margarita in one of those huge Circle K coffee mugs w/ lid, yet I don"t wanna need to hold the the whole time.And no . . . Pookie is not enabled to journey if it means I to be gonna acquire poked w/ lake debris!!!!
Ill usage the publilc profile crate of girlfriend to no hijack this thread. Another thing that could be wrong through buying supplied matteresses is mold
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