So here we have actually a “realistic” (although silly) detective display Monk wherein he it s okay arrested in a mountain Francisco (outdoor) shopping mall for acquisition pennies native the fountain.

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Any reasonable to that?I type of see a scale here, whereby at one end it’s nobody’s money. This is what ns guessing is the normal case.At the other end would be somebody’s money. Take it a much less public area and have a wishing well with a authorize indicating donations go to something or other.Or would that additionally be up because that grabs, as lengthy as it included donations and not entry fees, etc.

I don’t have actually a cite, yet I believe I have read about someone gift charged with theft for acquisition money indigenous a fountain. There was a sign at the fountain the the money to be donated come a regional charity.

If there’s a sign saying that the money goes to a charity, then it’s not hard viewing throwing money in as a gift to the charity, in which instance taking money the end is stealing from the charity.

On the various other hand, if there’s no sign, then I would view civilization throwing money in as having actually abandoned possession, and think that the money belongs to no one. In thisd case, if i throw mine money in, climate a minute later on come back and take it it back, that’s no stealing, because there’s no evidence that I provided it away, simply that ns abandoned it climate later adjusted my mind.

In an analogous situation, if i throw money away right into the sea, I have actually abandoned it, and also no one has actually ownership, because no one owns the sea. So if a diver recovers the money, yes sir no theft. Go abandoning money top top someone’s property adjust that, so that the building owner has actually some claim? In the case, if I discover a coin ~ above the ground in a to buy mall, and also don’t recognize who accidentally dropposed the there, I must hand it in to the to buy mall.

The money belongs to whoever owns the fountain. This days many fountains are in purchase centres, for this reason the money belongs to the agency that owns the mall.

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Useless nitpick: It no Monk yet his assistant who was arrested in the episode.

pool January 31, 2006, 12:28am #6

I take it coins the end of the neighborhood mall fountains as soon as so I can pay for Chinese food. I’m not sure if the is donated come charity or if the shopping mall keeps that or what. Hey i was hungry.



Useless nitpick: It wasn’t Monk however his assistant that was arrested in the episode.

You have actually sharp eyes, and also it was without doubt his assistant who acquired stuck through pulling the end the odd 3c because he won’t get his hands dirty. Yet in the following scene in ~ the terminal he says both the them got arrested.

There’s a public park adjacent that has actually a wishing well and also a authorize that money goes to the park’s non-profit fund. But they still placed a locked grate at the bottom to save kids and beggars out.


Useless nitpick: It wasn’t Monk however his assistant who was arrested in the episode.

That sounds much more right. Ns didn’t see this episode but the idea that Adrian would certainly actually not just wade right into a fountain yet pick increase money the some total stranger had in your pocket and hand no scan to me in ~ all…


That sounds an ext right. Ns didn’t check out this episode yet the idea that Adrian would certainly actually not only wade right into a fountain yet pick increase money the some full stranger had in their pocket and hand didn’t scan come me in ~ all…

Yes, but he to be the one that was upset over the extra 3¢ in the fountain (There to be $10.03, and who rather would have stood there and also counted it?), and she removed the extra 3¢ just to placate him.

Charity is a state of mind. Possibly if one is in a charitable state, castle toss in the coins, they do their wishes or whatever and also release the financial value the the coins.

Charity is also a state the mind whereby one that sees that the coins have no master, is hungry and claims the coins because that nourishment, is thankful to the giver that the coins.

But because that pity’s sake, go back to the fountain and release the adjust back from your Subways “Thank God the Tuesday” transaction and permit some other poor slob his meal. :smack:

Of course, if the fountain happens to be on federal government property, Uncle Sam gets the 2nd “Thank God the Tuesday” sammich.

The situation may various for other fountains, but you can absolutely be arrested for stealing coins indigenous the Trevi spring in Rome:

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The coins are regularly collected and are supposed to go to charity.

The 4 arrested, aged in between 18 and 50, were employees the the firm sub-contracted come clean the fountain. They were arrested shortly after cleaning the fountain and also were tho in possession of part 1,200 euros in coins.

Come come think that it, ns haven’t seen virtually as countless fountains in malls together I offered to.

What’s up with that?

You don’t throw as many because you are tired of seeing punk 16-20 year olds steal them and snearing in ~ the people approximately with the "You cannot do a damn point to me. " look at on their faces.

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I think very, very few establishments would bother to have actually you arrested uneven it was a huge scale two-day thing. . It would be next to difficult to prove that you to be stealing together opposed to, say, fishing out coins that dropped from your pocket. In ~ the most you might expect to it is in banned indigenous the establishment.