Understandably, high-value letter are extremely valued by Scrabble and also Words through Friends players. When you traction a J the end of the letter bag, you can wonder if JA is a valid Scrabble word. The German and Afrikaans word because that “yes,” JA is also an abbreviation for judge advocate, small achievement, joint account or Jamaica. But, can you beat JA in Scrabble? that depends.

Is JA a indigenous in Scrabble?

While longer words might look an ext impressive, the best short words room what will win friend the game. This is particularly true if you deserve to count those high-value letters twice, structure words both horizontally and vertically. In the case of JA, it depends on what game you’re playing and what dictionary you’re using.

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JA is not a valid word in the Scrabble us dictionary.

JA is a precious play in the Scrabble UK dictionary.

With games that nothing differentiate in between the US and UK indigenous lists, JA is usually a playable word.

So… that complicated. Contrast this to a word like QA, i beg your pardon is no a playable indigenous in either Scrabble or Words v Friends. Complete stop. Similarly, ZA is an acceptable word in both games. That a slang term because that “pizza.” If only everything in life to be so simple (and delicious).

Each update to the main Scrabble Players thesaurus (OSPD) and the north American Scrabble players Association (NASPA) word list deserve to introduce significant changes. So, it’s possible that JA might be added to the main Scrabble US thesaurus at some point.

Can girlfriend Play JA in Words v Friends?

In addition to a more forgiving native list, Words with Friends has different letter values and tile distribution compared to Scrabble too. If WWF is your wanted word game, then you’ll it is in happy to hear that JA is playable in Words with Friends.

Combining J With other Vowels

What if you don’t have an “A” brick to go with your “J” tile? have the right to you still type a two-letter word come capitalize on that 10-point “J” scoring potential?

JE is playable in WWF, however not Scrabble. The an abbreviation for June or Jeremiah.

JI is no playable in WWF or Scrabble.

JO is a precious word in both Scrabble and WWF. It’s a Scottish term for “sweetheart.”

JU is no a precious word in Scrabble or WWF.

3-Letter Words through JA

If JA isn’t an agree Scrabble word through the united state dictionary, what can you carry out with those 2 letters? Just add one more letter and also you’ve got some great playable words through JA!

JAB: A short, right punch

JAG: A sharp, tooth-like projection

JAM: A preserve made from whole fruit and also sugar

JAR: A container make of rock or glass

JAW: The two hinged skeletal that frame the mouth

JAY: A type of strikingly colored bird, favor the blue jay

More Scrabble words Containing JA

This perform of JA words is no exhaustive, yet it should offer a an excellent sense of exactly how you might ideal play these two letters in Scrabble or Words through Friends. Below are a an option of 4-letter and also 5-letter indigenous to add to her repertoire.

JACK: A device used because that lifting something heavy

JAMB: The framing that provides the side of a door or window

JAPE: to joke, jest or play tricks

JARL: A medieval Scandinavian chieftain or nobleman

PUJA: forms of praise consisting mostly of prayers and also offerings come a god

RAJA: A prince, chief, ruler in India or the surrounding area

HIJAB: A head extending traditionally worn by Muslim women

JABOT: A trimming or fill attached come the neck of a blouse or bodice

JACAL: A thatch-roofed hut discovered in Mexico and the southwest united States

JALAP: The dried source of a mexico vite that the morning glory family

JAPAN: To include a dark, smooth and hard gloss to a metal object

RIOJA: Wines, particularly dry red wines, developed in a an ar of north Spain

Not certain if the word you desire to play is valid? Verify her word with our handy Scrabble dictionary. You’ll obtain the variety of points and also the an interpretation too. And also don’t forget about the “save word” function for later on reference too.

Any Letters deserve to Spell “Win”

One of the greatest lessons you can learn native Scrabble is the you have the right to (almost) constantly find a means to win. You can’t regulate what letters you get, yet you can regulate how you choose to beat them. By structure up a strong and varied vocabulary, you can capitalize ~ above every opportunity and score the most points possible.

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Ready to add to the lexicon? If you find yourself brief on consonants, familiarize yourself with this perform of Scrabble words with all vowels. Sometimes, gaining rid of a couple of vowels can pave the way for a far better move following turn.?

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