Following the release of “John Wick: chapter 2”, the American actor Keanu Reeves is ago in the spotlight. The brilliant gibbs is not only famous for his acting skills but his an excellent looks and muscular physique as well. Well, the gibbs is the dream of countless who fantasize him together their boyfriend yet is there someone who has actually occupied a place in his heart.

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To answer this, the actor was when rumored come have obtained married to actress Jennifer Syme. The rumors developed a most controversies, however, later it to be revealed that Keanu and Jennifer were date each other yet were still unmarried. However unfortunately, their relationship ended as fatality took Jennifer away.

Well, apart from Jennifer, Reeves has a long list that girlfriend. Let’s uncover in detail about his love affairs and relationship.

Keanu Reeves and His so late Girlfriend Jennifer Syme: connection Details

Keanu started dating Syme in 1998. The love affair in between Keanu and also Jennifer is fairly mysterious, however it is claimed that Jennifer was as soon as pregnant through Reeve’s child. But unluckily, Jennifer gave birth to a stillborn child, a infant girl Ava Archer Reeves, in 2000.

Following the incident, Jennifer experienced a serious postnatal depression, and in 2001, she passed away in one accident. Syme’s body is hidden next to her daughter Ava.

Keanu Reeves and also His late Girlfriend Jennifer Syme

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The fatality of his girlfriend had actually a substantial impact top top Reeves. In one interview in 2006, he opened up up about the pain he had to undergo after the fatality of his girlfriend. The said:

“People have a misconception that you can address it and also say, ‘It’s gone, and also I’m better.’ They’re wrong. As soon as the people you love are gone, you’re alone. I miss being a component of your lives and also them being part of mine. I wonder what the present would be prefer if castle were below – what we might have done together. I miss all the an excellent things that will never be. Cursed it! It’s not fair! It’s absurd.”

Keanu Reeves’ late Girlfriend Jennifer Syme’s Funeral

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Despite every the unfortunately incident, Reeves is still hopeful in his life and also is looking forward to the better days in his life. The actor likewise recently to express his desire of acquiring married someday, however, he claimed that it will certainly take time.

Keanu Reeves existing Relationship Stature: previous Affairs and also Girlfriends

Finally, in 2005, Reeves got involved to Autumn Macintosh. However, quickly after your engagement, they dubbed off the engagement. ~ this incident, there has been no news or rumors concerning Reeves marriage which provides a little bit sure the he is right now unmarried. However, he has been in a connection with a number beautiful girls choose Cameron Diaz, Jamie Clayton, Chin Chow, Charlize Theron, Trinny Woodall, and Parker Posey.

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Although Reeves has been in a number of unsuccessful relationships, consisting of with Jennifer Syme, us hope he finds a perfect girl for himself in the future.