I use regular dairy whipping cream in my refrigerated cheesecake recipe. Be sure to use the exact same amount together in a can of Milnot (12 oz) not the complete carton the cream. The taste is slightly different, but not much, and also it works. I have tried substituting various other condensed milk and also it does not occupational for this recipe.

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SheilaMoss ∙

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∙ 11y ago

I have done study on Milnot and also can uncover no substitute. The isevaporated milk through the dairy removed and also oil infused, thus makingit better for whipping and an ext moist. I have actually read over there is not ahuge difference, if any at all as soon as substituting evaporated milkfor Milnot.

Thank you. I am going to try evaporated milk. Here"s hoping.

Milnot is now owned by Smuckers - ns emailed with the Milnotwebsite and received this reply:

This letter is in reference to her recent contact with Milnot.We appreciate the time you have taken to call us and also mostcertainly reap hearing from consumer who gain our products.

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Regarding her email, we don"t recommend substituting anotherevaporated milk in location of Milnot. Milnot whips conveniently andevaporated milk go not.

Again, say thanks to you because that taking the moment to call us. If youshould have more questions or need extr information,please visit ours website in ~ www.milnot.com