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‘Pretty little Liars’ Star Shay Mitchell Talks around Playing Lesbian character Emily Fields

Actress Shay Mitchell dram the personality Emily areas on the murder mystery-thriller Pretty tiny Liars. The Emily personality is a closeted lesbian that gets outedon the show.

Mitchell doesn't take playing a happy character lightly. In an interview for George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight, she described what the was like to take on the role.

SM: playing that character and also not gift able to tell anyone that ns was gay — tell mine friends ~ above the show, that felt choose such a large weight to be lifted ~ I'd come the end to my dad on the show. Then i was like, "https://snucongo.org/is-shay-mitchell-lesbian-in-real-life/imager_3_944_700.jpgI'm free!"https://snucongo.org/is-shay-mitchell-lesbian-in-real-life/imager_3_944_700.jpg Like, I also felt cost-free after that.

GS: It's like, "https://snucongo.org/is-shay-mitchell-lesbian-in-real-life/imager_3_944_700.jpgThis is my new real-not-real new life.SM: Yes, exactly, exactly. I had actually my very own coming the end party after ~ that. It's just like, "https://snucongo.org/is-shay-mitchell-lesbian-in-real-life/imager_3_944_700.jpgwhew."https://snucongo.org/is-shay-mitchell-lesbian-in-real-life/imager_3_944_700.jpg I have the right to go to occupational tomorrow morning and I am gay and I have the right to say it, girlfriend know?GS: and also then it's no the storyline that the show. That's what's interesting, and also now the present just carries on.SM: Exactly. And also now us go on. And also my friends to be like, "https://snucongo.org/is-shay-mitchell-lesbian-in-real-life/imager_3_944_700.jpgAwesome, cool."https://snucongo.org/is-shay-mitchell-lesbian-in-real-life/imager_3_944_700.jpg since that was kind of the same way that ns looked in ~ it. As soon as I got the show, Marlene was like, "https://snucongo.org/is-shay-mitchell-lesbian-in-real-life/imager_3_944_700.jpgBy the way, you're going come play a lesbian eventually."https://snucongo.org/is-shay-mitchell-lesbian-in-real-life/imager_3_944_700.jpgGS: ns think in the story she was bisexual, right? had a infant by somebody else. Was it Victor? climate they sent the baby over there.SM: She was exploring a little bit which ns think a lot of of world do, girlfriend know, when you're in school and also whatever, and also even later on in life.GS: Don Cherry and I still talk about our weekend in France. I average all i did was host hands but it feeling intimate.SM: Exactly! so it to be really exciting when she told me that. Ns was like, "https://snucongo.org/is-shay-mitchell-lesbian-in-real-life/imager_3_944_700.jpgCool. So does she wear sneakers or heels?"https://snucongo.org/is-shay-mitchell-lesbian-in-real-life/imager_3_944_700.jpg Like, that wasn't anything the I had actually to think double about. And also when world are like, "https://snucongo.org/is-shay-mitchell-lesbian-in-real-life/imager_3_944_700.jpgSo what does it feel like kissing a girl?"https://snucongo.org/is-shay-mitchell-lesbian-in-real-life/imager_3_944_700.jpg I'm like, "https://snucongo.org/is-shay-mitchell-lesbian-in-real-life/imager_3_944_700.jpgIt's nice awesome."https://snucongo.org/is-shay-mitchell-lesbian-in-real-life/imager_3_944_700.jpg ns actually practically prefer that sometimes, because they always smell pretty.GS: What I'm sure you've started to realize, I'm sure, is the affect that's had actually on young people. Not just tiny girls who room gay, but anybody who is gay, or straight, or trans, or other, or bi —it way something to them to watch themselves stood for on television. Have you feel that?SM: Exactly. I've had actually a many people, also who room older, that "https://snucongo.org/is-shay-mitchell-lesbian-in-real-life/imager_3_944_700.jpgmight no be in the demographic,"https://snucongo.org/is-shay-mitchell-lesbian-in-real-life/imager_3_944_700.jpg or therefore they think, come as much as me and be like, "https://snucongo.org/is-shay-mitchell-lesbian-in-real-life/imager_3_944_700.jpgI wish this to be on when I remained in school. It would have made the a many easier,"https://snucongo.org/is-shay-mitchell-lesbian-in-real-life/imager_3_944_700.jpg since they relate to mine character. And also now a lot an ext shows are having gay personalities come out — i beg your pardon they must — but back then over there weren't shows favor that.

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Shay Mitchell's interview with George airs Friday, march 14 in ~ 7 p.m. On snucongo.org.