I have actually a girlfriend in south Africa who is thinking about buying a Nintendo DS. It"s hard to find games in her city, though, so i was reasoning I"d buy number of in the USA and also mail them to her.

Would this work-related or are Nintendo DS games region locked?



It would appear that the snucongo.orgs are not region locked according this this Wiki article that states:

"The game Boy and Nintendo DS product lines do not use regional lockouts for physically spread games; however, software details to the Nintendo DSi space region-locked, and cartridges exit by iQue in China have the right to only be play on DS models created by iQue (although they remain compatible with other DS cartridges). The Nintendo 3DS line however, go enforce region locking because that 3DS-specific software,1 with the exemption of Nintendo 3DS Guide: Louvre, which is region-free."

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answered Mar 28 "14 at 12:32

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As in Ryan"s answer, Nintendo DS snucongo.orgs aren"t region locked. I can confirm this myself together I"m in the UK and I frequently import US/Japanese games that don"t make it over here.

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However, the Wiki quote raises this small caveat that ns feel needs explaining more:

software details to the Nintendo DSi are region-locked

What this method is that, if you usage a DSi (and by extension, a DSi XL/XXL), any games/software that usage DSi particular features become region locked. This is precious remembering since there space some renowned games (Such together Pokémon Black/White and their sequels) that make minor usage of these features and therefore become an ar locked ~ above a DSi.

This just affects DSi consoles, yet - they can still be played on the continual DS v no issues.

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answer Mar 28 "14 in ~ 14:14

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I have actually plenty of endure here, having actually stuff indigenous all three regions!

Basically, every little thing up to Nintendo DS is not region-locked.

Any software that is DSi-exclusive is region-locked.

As of the 3DS, everything is region-locked.

South Africa is situated in the PAL region, so you might buy games in Europe and send them, however not in the US.

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reply Mar 28 "14 in ~ 23:19

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Pokemon Black and also White aren"t region Locked if play on a original DS or DS Lite. (You can buy a cheap DS Lite native Japan ~ above eBay)

You will only miss out top top the electronic came features the where included and useable ~ above the DSi/3DS/2DS. Tho, the functions was mostly used together a Online video clip Chat device via the Xtransiver. But, The Nintendo Wifi connection was Discontinued, for this reason that makes such features worthless anyways. That won"t impact gameplay at all. (The snucongo.orgs work with the action Replay DSi as well, as lengthy as you include the required Codes manually via PC)

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answer Mar 5 "19 in ~ 21:35
Roxie LincourtRoxie Lincourt
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