Patriots job in Massachusetts
top top April 19, 1775, the American Revolutionary War began with the battles at Lexington and Concord between British "redcoats" and colonial Minutemen. In 2020, commemorations peak on Monday, April 20th.

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Redcoats (British Regulars) advancement toward the Minutemen on Lexington environment-friendly on Patriots Day...

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Patriots job in brand-new England is commemorated with dramatic battle re-enactments, parades and also ceremonies, every year on the third Monday in April—except in 2020.

The COVID-19/coronavirus emergency has actually caused the cancellation of all Patriots" job events. The information listed below is because that the document only. No occasions will happen!

Patriots Day is typically a public holiday in Massachusetts and Maine. All Massachusetts state, county and also town federal government offices, libraries, and some local businesses close, despite federal government offices, post offices, offices of large interstate and international companies, and most shops stay open.

When is Patriots Day? April 20, 2020.

Top Events

The headline events are the battle re-enactments in Lexington and Concord, and also the Boston Marathon indigenous Hopkinton MA come Boston. These are the events for which you should plan: transportation, parking, crowds.


Here"s a list of events and also locations.

Among the better-known commemorative occasions on Patriots Day is the Boston Marathon, which has been run currently for end a century.

A beneficial rule...

The re-enactment of the battle top top Lexington Green starts in ~ dawn, yet crowds that spectators start to gather by 4 am. If girlfriend don"t get there at least two hours early, friend won"t have the ability to find any good vantage allude for the "battle."

Some people believe that to obtain the finest views, you need to stake out your spot three, 4 or even five hrs before. (In other words, you spend the night there.)

About 5:30 to be you will hear the redcoats marching along battle Road together they method Lexington Green.

Patriots Day occasions in adjacent Concord are a bit nicer to her sleep-time. A 9:00 am parade with several fife-and-drum bands and also groups the Minutemen from neighboring towns and also as much away as Michigan is adhered to by a re-enactment the the fight at Old north Bridge, commemorative ceremonies, and the repeated firing the brass cannons through the Concord live independence Battery.

Brass cannon goes boom in ~ Old phibìc Bridgeon Patriots Day in Concord MA.

Several church halls open up to administer pancake breakfasts come the multitude.

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Patriots Day is additionally the name of a movie (2016) around the Boston Marathon that April 15, 2013, and also the terror bombings at the end up line.