The key character, she is stranded alone on the Island that the Blue Dolphins
Chief ChowigKarana's father, leader of the tribe
Captain OrlovThe Russina captain in fee of the Aleuts
UlapeSister the Karan. An extremely hard-working
RamoKarana's brother. The was killed by wild dogs. Really playful
AleutsTribe of hunters native the islands turn off the coastline of Alaska. They eliminated most the the world og Ghalas-at
Ghalas-atKarana's village
kelpcoarse, brown seaweed. Provided for tieing and also binding
peltsskins the furry animals
abaloneslarge sea snails with bowl-like shells
mesaa flat-topped hill with steep sides
awla pointed device for making feet in leather or wood
beckonedsummoned or called with a movement
lairliving or resting place of a wild animal
musselsbluish-black shellfish, somewhat choose clams
sinewstendons; the organization fastening a muscle to a bone
pelicanslarge, fish-eating birds having a bag under your beaks
omena authorize or warning
sea elephanta sea pet of the seal family members with lengthy tusks, flippers and rough hides
carcassthe body of any kind of dead animal
devilfish(octopus) a sea animal that has a soft body and also eight long arms covered with suckers
singedburned slightly, specifically hair or feathers
smeltsmall fish having oily flesh
reefa ridge of sand or absent just around even with the surface of the water
snaretraps made with bent tree limbs and also sometimes a noose
RontuLeader that the wild dogs.

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Later on Karana's pet
Tainor and Luraipet birds
Tutokan Aleut girl who befriended Karana
Mon-a-neea pets sea otter
Rontu-AruRontu's son. Karana's second pet dog