I have an Iver Johnson 22 Spershot Sealed Eight. Pretty sure it is a target model. Serial number on trigger guard is 10403. Serial number under the grip is D10403.

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I"m searching for its day of manufacture.


Pat: none of my references show that the Super shooting Sealed Eight or any kind of target revolver had actually a "D" prefix come the serial number.

The only revolvers that ns can uncover with a "D" prefix come the serial number are:

U. S. Revolver Company, .22 rimfire, 7 shot small Solid structure revolver make in the duration 1921-circa 1933. This version was obtainable with the optional oversized lumber target form grip.

Iver Johnson huge Frame 2nd Model Hammerless 2nd Variation (1897) through the 6th variation (1903).

Iver Johnson large Frame 3rd Model Hammerless (1909-1910) through the 3rd variation (1918-1932)

U. S. Revolver Company, huge Frame Hammerless height break revolver (1917-1924).

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Please short article detailed pictures of both political parties of the gun and readable, close-ups of all markings, including serial number and also patent days for identification and evaluation.

The patent dates and ALL markings ~ above the top and sides the the barrel and also frame and also other areas plus the serial number with letter prefix (if over there is one) under the left grip panel or the revolver butt room absolutely crucial to recognize the Model and variation of her revolver.