He’s had actually that bump because that years. Provided his “pretty boy” image, why not remove it? ns guessing some might take into consideration it unsightly.

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I have actually an enlarge female aquaintance who has plenty the money, however nevertheless, she has a comparable bump and also some, IIRC, stated she couldn’t have actually it removed. FTR, it was located in the very same spot together Van Dam’s–about two inches over her eyebrow.

He to be disbudded, no polled?

More practically serious: If, as I presume, that is merely the shape of that component of his skull, why have to he endure the cost, discomfort, (and danger) to have actually it eliminated by plastic surgery?

Almost certainly a lipoma.

These space common, bright tumors that fat cells often emerging just below the skin. This is a concise link.


He to be disbudded, not polled?

More almost serious: If, together I presume, the is just the form of that part of his skull, why have to he endure the cost, discomfort, (and danger) to have it gotten rid of by plastic surgery?

He’s a movie star. Maintaining your pretty-boy looks and also youth translates into extended box-office appeal and also income. That makes numerous money. The operation should be somewhat less discomforting than gaining kicked in the head in the strange fight-scene mishap. Plastic surgical treatment is the Zen that Hollywood.

Better question: Why would a male with a penchant for hair mousse, chop pants, French (Belgian?) tank tops, and cheek bronzer no opt for removing his Frankensteinian growth? If you’re trying to look tough, lighten up on the rouge, pal!

tremorviolet June 24, 2004, 4:43am #7

Is this what you’re talking about? ns think it’s just the form of his skull. It’s just noticable in certain photos. I’ve never noticed it before and also I’ve checked out the bulk of his movies…for the, um, acting, that’s right, that the acting…


BobT June 24, 2004, 5:51am #8

A girlfriend of mine has actually a bump prefer that on she forehead too. She claimed it arisen in her 20s. Her doctor told she to neglect it.

I think any surgery to get rid of it would certainly leave a nasty scar. It’s less complicated to just neglect it.

Carnac_the_Magnificent June 24, 2004, 1:20pm #9

Is this what you’re talk about? i think it’s just the shape of his skull. It’s only noticable in details photos. I’ve never noticed it before and also I’ve viewed the bulk of his movies…for the, um, acting, that’s right, that the acting…


Actually, that picture makes the bump show up smaller. In some photos, it’s quite prominent.

**BobT A friend of mine has a bump choose that on she forehead too. She stated it emerged in her 20s. Her physician told her to overlook it.

I think any kind of surgery to remove it would certainly leave a nasty scar. It’s much easier to just disregard it.**

Not to make a federal case of it, but my thinking is that Jean-Claude is a good looking fellow, one who takes great care that his looks. Why not boost this one feature? It would seem a surgeon could liposuction out the fatty tissue, quote above.

In short, my inquiry is answered about the bump itself. Thanks, all.

Dragwyr June 24, 2004, 5:12pm #10

I think any type of surgery to eliminate it would certainly leave a nasty scar. It’s simpler to just neglect it.

3 years earlier I had a lipoma eliminated from my forehead. It was about 2 inches over my left eyebrow. I have practially no scar native the surgury. I was happy I had actually it eliminated too since it was obtaining much larger and also people were beginning to questioning me if I had actually hit myself in the head or something.

FX45_4Ever June 24, 2004, 6:18pm #11

I’ve frequently wondered too. Movie stars are not resolving their most obvious abnormality.Just watched Fargo, and asked this exact same question about Steve Buscemi’s crooked smile.

Perhaps we’ve to be brainwashed into believing every movie star needs to be perfect.


vetbridge June 24, 2004, 7:04pm #12
FX45 4Ever:

Just watched Fargo, and also asked this very same question around Steve Buscemi’s crooked smile.

If Buscemi didn’t look weird i don’t think the would work-related in movies.

psiekier June 24, 2004, 8:19pm #13

If Buscemi didn’t look weird ns don’t think that would work-related in movies.

I’ll watch your Steve Buscemi and also raise you a Clint Howard.

ouryL June 25, 2004, 7:52am #14

That’s his mind


Snooooopy June 25, 2004, 9:44am #15

He CAN’T have the bang removed. It’s wherein he keeps every one of his exhilaration talent!

Mr.Duality June 26, 2004, 2:46pm #16

From KarlGauss’s link: “It feeling soft and also smooth and is conveniently moved under the skin v the fingers”.

I’ve had actually a lipoma (soft fat lump) removed from my scalp. I have a hard lump much favor Van Damme’s, high on my forehead over my left eye. that feels hard sufficient to be bone protruding slightly from my skull. A solitary horn-bud, perhaps?

A medical professional told me to neglect it.

x-ray_vision June 26, 2004, 3:42pm #17

Want the within scoop ~ above the skin lesions of warm stars?

gum June 26, 2004, 7:19pm #18

That was a fun link. Thanks, x-ray vision.

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Jean Claude valve Damme = a pretty boy? Bwahahahaha.


Billyboy2 June 24, 2019, 2:15am #19

The technical term because that the lump on Jean-Claude van Damme’s head is called a non-yeah. That should work for none your business

Darren_Garrison June 24, 2019, 2:20am #20

Eerily, as this bump happened, an old episode of Carson I have on in the elevator was playing a Carnac the magnificent skit.

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