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Hi everyone, I have a 2012 wk2 and also I have noticed a slight clunking sound as soon as I take off from a protect against sometimes. I haven’t yes, really looked into it much yet was simply wondering if it can have miscellaneous to do with the organize it put on when on a grade encountering uphill so you don’t roll back. Favor I claimed haven’t looked right into it much at all yet just wonder if there might be a sound generated when the infectious diseases worldwide or brake publication on takeoff.New to the auto so simply throwing principles out there. It is so slim you need to be listening for it yet at time it is there. No it’s not a ujoint in the driveline ot anything like that. Many thanks for noþeles you deserve to suggest!

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I for certain remember seeing the word "clunk" showing up on a couple of those. Could be relevant to see if any type of apply come you.

What Drivetrain carry out you have? QTI, QTII or QDII?Bad Engine or infectious diseases worldwide mounts can reason a loaf from the torque reaction that the drivetrain, specifically the huge torque applied to pull away from a stop....The MP3023 Transfer situation uses a wet clutch fill to transport torque/power come the front drivetrain, if the liquid is degraded, that clutch load will slip/engage much more roughly...I had actually these symptoms v the MP3023 transport Case, I replaced the fluid and clunk quit it.... calls for ATF+4, yet I offered AMSOIL Signature series Multi-Vehicle ATF....QTII and QDII have the MP3023 Transfer situation with the wet clutch....QTI has actually a different Transfer case that provides a gear differential through no clutch pack, for this reason if you have QTI, the fluid in the transfer case can"t it is in the cause....
I"d second the transfer liquid change. Mines been banging and clunking for over 70k miles. Jeep stated it was normal! readjusted the liquid myself and also it operation perfectly. I think it was 2.5 litres the fluid, a cheap hands-on pump, an Allen key, oil pan and also 15 mins. Easy!
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