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These boxes have the picture of john Wayne ~ above the front. They room loaded with nickle plated shells. The loading is because that 32-40 Winchester repeating rifles. This boxes room in very an excellent condition mirroring some warehouse wear. I have one crate left.

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J.D.W Consn. (11) F. No. 341 -17

You deserve to reach harry or Marcia by phone in ~ 928-468-0306 or through fax in ~ 928-468-0307. You may also send an e-mail to hlvfineguns and also we"ll get ago to you as soon as us can.

Concerning phone Calls

For those persons that do not know me yet, I’m an extremely hard of hearing on the phone. Therefore when friend would call me, I will certainly pick up the phone and tell you that i will call you right back. I have caller ID just so the you know, the reason for the is i cannot use a consistent phone. I need to switch over to what is dubbed a voice carry over phone. When I contact you back you will hear mine voice in our conversation, an operator will kind your conversation to me on mine phone view screen. With me reading what you room saying to me conserves me a many confusion because that me mishearing words.

I perform want to speak to you and answer your questions without mistakes or miscommunications. This mechanism works pretty good, so you re welcome be willing to it is in patient v my hearing loss.

My mam Marcia has fine hearing on the phone and also is rather knowledgeable around firearms and also is really able to aid you end the phone.

Thanks, Harry

Terms the Sale

Kaiser ordinance is doing company as harry Viezens fine Guns and Harry Viezens fine Guns and also Appraisals.

because that simplification, these regards to sale use to all service names used by Kaiser Ordinance, Inc. This file will use Kaiser Ordinance Inc. Surname to stand for all aspects of names offered by Kaiser Ordinance Inc. Doing service as.

Our terms of Sale

This firearm is marketed as a curio and also relic or things of historic interest uneven specified. This hatchet of Sale additionally applies to a modern-day firearm the Kaiser Ordinance might sell. Us the seller, will not assume any responsibility or liability if this firearm is to be shot or used in any way. Any kind of ammunition or loading measures is past our control. This additionally includes any safety or lack of safety steps in making use of this firearm purchase by us.

If you, the Buyer, do wish to shoot this firearm, Kaiser Ordinance Inc. Strongly firmly insist that the firearm be inspected by a standard gunsmith regarding condition and capability to it is in fired safely. No promises or warranties are implied on a firearm marketed by Kaiser Ordinance Inc. Buyer is responsible for any type of theft or unauthorized use of the firearm purchased from Kaiser Ordinance Inc.

i the Buyer, have read this term of Sale for purchasing a firearm from Kaiser Ordinance Inc.. Ns the buyer, completely understand these regards to sale and will accept any responsibility or liability incurred if ns violate these terms. I the Buyer will certainly not organize Kaiser Ordinance Inc. Or Kaiser Ordinance Inc. Employees responsible or liable because that the firearm(s) to buy by me, the Buyer.

all items purchased native us have been closely researched and described come the ideal of ours ability. We want you, the client to be fully satisfied through your purchase from us. We sell the standard 3 day inspection time. If for any reason friend the customer wish to send your purchase ago to us, inform us by phone or email of your intent to return the item. Make certain you send her purchase ago in the same condition you got it in and also insure the delivery for the same value. As soon as we get the reverted item, I will certainly then send you her refund.

For your simplicity that purchasing items from our site, we sell services because that paying through the four significant credit cards, or if you prefer, by money orders, cashiers check, or by an individual check. If paid by personal check, ns will need to hold her order till your examine clears the bank. I will certainly ship her order in ~ 48 hours after every paperwork and legal demands < if applicable come gun sales> are met. Many items I like to send by priority Mail. Most of the time this is the fastest means for me come send the items to you. If girlfriend have any questions concerning shipping or payment feel totally free to provide us a call, I will be glad to help you out!

You might request a “hold” on any type of of our items because that sale for 24 hours. By email all sales, however, need to be break up by phone. You may call us by phone during regular organization hours… Arizona time.

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We also offer because that our client a layaway option. The terms to be cleared up on an individual basis every customer. All layaway sales room final.