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The travellers tire Johnny out because he is really weak, however he is happy to see them.

as soon as Pony gets to the hospital, that finds the end that Johnny is in bad shape and has been questioning for him and Dally. At first, they discover it complicated to get information about...

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The tourists tire Johnny out because he is very weak, but he is happy to view them.

When Pony gets to the hospital, the finds the end that Johnny is in bad shape and has been asking for him and also Dally. In ~ first, they discover it complicated to obtain information around Johnny due to the fact that they room not family members members, till "Darry finally got it through the guy"s head that we were around as much family as Dally and also Johnny had" (Ch. 7). Climate they learn:

He to be in an essential condition. His earlier had been broken when that piece of timber fell on him. He was in severe shock and suffering indigenous third-degree burns. …He kept calling because that Dallas and Ponyboy. (Ch. 7)

On that an initial night, the medical professional tells castle to go home. There is nothing an ext they have the right to do. Johnny is bad injured, top top pain-killers, and may not live. There is nothing they have the right to do for him.

When Ponyboy goes ago to visit Johnny, the nurses do not want to let that visit since Johnny is in crucial condition, yet “Two-Bit wouldn"t take it no because that an answer” (Ch. 8). A doctor finds out what is walking on and also lets castle in, saying it won’t make any type of difference now. Johnny is dying.

I could see that even a few words to be tiring the out; that was together pale together the pillow and looked awful. Two-Bit pretended no to notice. (Ch. 8)

The boys joke about with Johnny, and also he is polite to them. Johnny tells Pony that is fear to die, and then doesn’t desire to check out his mother. 

The following time they shot to check out Johnny, Dally threatens the medical professional with a knife. He tells them that he is letting them see Johnny, “but the is due to the fact that you"re his friends, not since of the knife" (Ch. 9).

Later, when Johnny dies, that is v one final message to Ponyboy, come “stay gold.” He wants to let him know that he demands to do something of his life. Johnny feels guilty about what occurred at the church still. Pony to be there since of him. He wants to die v his conscience clear, knowing that Pony will go on come be more than a greaser.

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Having tourists may have weakened Johnny, yet they were additionally the only family they had. It was important for them come be over there at the end, to show that lock cared and permit him to happen on his dying post to Pony.