When life handed the nation music icon some limes and also presented her through the opportunity to it is in the challenge of Cosa Salvaje, the new tequila founded by Elle France, she jumped at the opportunity.

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“I’m so thankful due to the fact that I desire to love something the I’m a companion in,” she tells PEOPLE. “It’s very, an extremely smooth and also I’ve introduced it to people who don’t also drink tequila, and now they drink it.”

“I’ve had actually some friends the drink vodka and also now castle on the tequila,” she says of the silver spirit, which retails for under $50. “I try every tequila ns can and I’ve done number of blind tastes v my friends and also every time mine has won — every time.”


Tanya Tucker

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“I’ve always wanted that picture and once the tequila thing came in, i knew the was the picture that had actually to be on my bottle,” she continues. “I was out in L.A. Doing mine record and reminded my girlfriend Norman the I wanted to carry out that snapshot and inquiry if he can find me the horse, and I it is in danged, yet he discovered me the horse. It was a dream come true for me.”

Much like her unique campaign for the tequila, Tucker strays away from the norm once drinking it—substituting the typical lime and salt combination for a various citrus.

“I’ve obtained a new thing where I use ruby red grapefruits indigenous Texas — or yes a Japanese grapefruit that’s incredible. I cut it up, obtain the meat out and also put every the fresh grapefruit in the bottle v a little fresh grapefruit juice and also then it’s all mixed and I’ve obtained the whole bottle ready to go,” she says, revealing her favourite cocktail.

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“I’ll usage anything but lime; i don’t like lime in mine tequila.”

But, all in all, she actually more of a shot sort of girl anyway.

“I’m no one come sit around and also drink all day,” she says. “I’ll have a pair shots that tequila, and also maybe after that throw in a Dr Pepper and then an additional shot that tequila.”