This is just how we"ve to be taught, however I don"t recognize why for present (Cs) the is come the power of -1

Please might someone describe to me why Cs is to the strength of -1?

P.S. I realise E/It is the exact same as E/Q, however now we have been taught favor this ns am intrigued.

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If friend raise a number to the power of -1, you take it its reciprocal, therefore $s^-1$ is the exact same as $1/s$. Multiply by one Coulomb offers $C s^-1= C/s$. Existing is charge per unit time, so this gives units that current. Your man is that you think it way the entirety $Cs$ come the strength of -1, quite than just $s$. If a unit ever ends through $s^-1$ it means something every second, e.g coulomb per 2nd or metre every second.


Energy (J) is seen as a static discharge energy.

You have C charges and you obtain E energy when these charges leave v V volts.

Each fee gets the energy of eV electron volt.

So : J = n . EV and also : C = n.e

So J = C . V


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