I'm in the center of a level 1 gold Crown run and I require to acquire 40 Serenity jewel to synthesize complete sets of shadow Archive+ and Full Bloom+. I recognize that there room two methods to achieve Serenity Gems, either v the Cavern the Remembrance or through Bulky Vendors. Which would be much better given my circumstances?

Here is my loadout for this:

Keyblade: Photon Debugger

Armor: Shock Charm+ x4

Accessories: happy Ring x4

Relevant abilities: lucky Lucky x3, lucky Lucky top top both Donald and Goofy.

The idea is come spam Magnega and Thundaga to damage enemies (either in the CoR or blocking access to the Bulky Vendors). Given that I'm working with 8 magic, the thunder rises are an extremely handy.

So, need to I go with CoR, or Bulky Vendors?

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CoR is significantly faster if you're i was sure you won't die.

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