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Greetings, Keyblade Wielders!
I"ve been trying to find some brand-new methods because that farming Serenity Power and also Mystery Goo because they more than likely are the many stubborn materials to find an ext than once.For every these years the I"ve been playing Kingdom Hearts, I"ve constantly equipped conference Plus and also went to search in Deep Jungle, Wonderland, and Halloween Town, law the exact same scheme anyone knows, start the area, hitting 3 spells in the White Mushroom and also re-entering the area plenty of times till they generate again. Learning that the spawn price isn"t the big, they can be stubborn to respawn and also even waste more time than you want to. Ns did part tests trying come respawn them quicker, and I"ve uncovered an easy method to carry out it, for this reason I"ll be to teach you guys.First the all, you will have to equip encounter Plus, happy Strike, and Combo Plus, this will certainly make it simpler for you come hit Pink Agaricus fourty times.In the second step, you will choose two areas in which they spawn. Ns recommend Deep jungle + Atlantica because that Serenity power and Wonderland + Halloween town or Deep Jungle because that Mystery Goo.The third and final step, girlfriend will must go to among the selected places and also do what you need to do, you will hit the spell 3 times. The crucial comes now, rather of re-entering the same place numerous times wait for lock respawn friend will get in just five times, and then adjust the spot, doing the same thing there and repeating this.For example, I"ll walk to Deep Jungle, actors Stopra on the three White Mushrooms, then I"ll actors Aeroga on Sora, so that will assist you to land fourty hits and Stopra on Pink Agaricus. after doing this, I"ll re-enter the area 5 times and also go to Atlantica to defeat the White Mushrooms and also Pink Agaricus, together earlier, I"ll re-enter the area five times and also return come Deep Jungle. Most of the time, they will certainly respawn soon as you enter the area again, yet if castle don"t, you will must re-enter the area once or twice.You can use this technique with both "types" of White Mushroom, the ones who summons Pink Agaricus, and also the common ones.Using this method, ns was able to discover three Serenity Powers in fifteen minutes, hitting fourty times in four different Pink Agaricus. I didn"t use this method to farm an enig Goo, because I didn"t need them anymore when I was searching for easier ways come respawn, so ns don"t have data to notify you.

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but that"s every guys, it functioned for me, expect it functions for everyone, so you all have the right to enjoy this method. ~ might your mind be your guiding key.