Can you obtain them anytime, or perform you need to start a brand-new game after ~ watching the scenes? I fairly not start a new game, since I"ve already got most of the cards on this game. Help, please. Thanks.

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I don"t know.....I watched every scene before playing CoM and didn"t get any card



I beleive you have to gain all the trophies from 358/2 work (which method yes, you need to watch it in addition to other things to gain the trophies).


Keep in mind, I have absolutely no idea. However, I"m walking to take a logical guess in reasoning that if you clock the Days scene in the middle of play Sora"s story for Re:CoM, you will certainly be maybe to accessibility them. I think this is the case since in Re:CoM, as soon as you beat Riku"s story, you deserve to go earlier to Sora"s story and also get assorted cards such as the Ansem adversary Card. So the seems likely that you"ll be able to do the exact same with the work cards.


Chain the memories? you median organization XIII Cards to get for the video game right? beat game as Sora

just for great measure you need to beat game with Riku (Any setting should do)


After the go to the people you went to in your memories and obtain the gold map treasure an essential called room come reward or somethin (you can obtain this map in any kind of world as long as you dont mind placing in the hrs to obtain it thru lotsa fighting) climate go uncover the room i know


Ansem Card- castle Oblivion.

Axel-obtain thru play

Demyx-AtlanticaXigbar-Hollow BastionLarxene- achieve thru palyLexaeus-Castle Oblivion.Luxord-Agrabah 

Marluxia-obtain thru playRoxas-Twilight TownSaix -Traverse TownVexen-obtain thru playXaldin-MonstroXemnas-WonderlandZexion’s-Card-Destiny Islands

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Sora96 17,256

Sora96 17,256

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Posted October 20, 2013

You can watch the cutscenes whenever girlfriend want and still be able to get the cards in save files you made prior to hand. To trust me, I got them all after perfect Re:CoM before 358/2 Days.

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