THIS IS WHAT occurred WHEN I applied A heavy COAT that KRYLON CLEAR combination SPRAY end KRYLON YELLOW combination SPRAY THAT had actually DRIED for 24 HOURS. If you overspray Clear combination over colored Fusion, only use irradiate coats. As soon as I apply colored fusion over one more color that Fusion, this does no happen.

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I actually had actually that occur to me in a small area the was painted 24 hours previously. However, the rest of the hull that had collection for a week was good.
yeah, friend don"t want to do a heavy coat of clear..let it set in the sun and see if that helps smooth it out

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NO NO NO you can not use clear or much more cover spray bomb coats uneven the paint has actually a clearly shows drying(flashing) look, under typical humidity conditions, the is within an hour of every coat.....after that you have to wait a long time.Douggie
I had the same thing occur to me with the same repaint a if back. I sprayed on the clear coat a couple of days after doing the color coat and totally ruined the the job. I m really sorry that taken place to you.
Yikes! I"m around to repaint a hull because that the an initial time this week with Krylon... I gain the mist coat first, monitor by a complete coat technique, but what"s the best drying time in between coats and also is the different in between color and clear?Confused...Thanks,Chief
I used fusion with an excellent results i painted the base coats top top one day around an hour between coats climate rubbed the end the end spray with a micro fiber towel than shooting my clear coats around 10 hrs later allowing about an hour in between coats and additionally rubbing out clear in between each coat v a brand-new cloth functioned great.
Clear coat is crap on top of typical high gloss paints...base coats (no gloss) are an additional story and also the only means to walk for a nice finishDouggie
The first time i tried Krylon on my HOTR Cat i cleared after ~ a job from the last coat of paint and it wrinkled so had actually to take it it off and start over. My 2nd time ns painted through multiple color letting every one dry for a couple days before masking the next color then cleared after a week v 3 coats the day v no problems.Ken
I will never ever use Krylon paints ~ above a boat again.I jut had actually a horrible experience painting my mini hydro. I got 2 basic coats, 3 blue coats, 1 clear coat (all of which failed), then 3 coats the primer, 5 coats the orange and also 4 coats that clear.I will certainly go earlier to rustoleum or model/car paint following time.
THIS IS WHAT happened WHEN I used A hefty COAT of KRYLON CLEAR fusion SPRAY end KRYLON YELLOW blend SPRAY THAT had DRIED for 24 HOURS. If friend overspray Clear combination over fancy Fusion, only use irradiate coats. Once I apply colored fusion over an additional color the Fusion, this does not happen.

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Hi,Did you use a primer coat before applying the yellow? just wondering if that would make a difference...Chief
What confused me is the in the "Tips" ar on painting, it claims to use primer because that either fiberglass or ABS to assist avoid crackling/lifting.Chief
I have another question about painting when we are on the topic-- once using spray paint and doing the an initial "mist" coat, carry out you sand that coat before using the next "wet" coat? I know you need to sand between "wet" coats yet wasn"t sure about the mist...Chief
Depends top top the amount of time in between coats - mist or wet. If you only wait for the paint to flash turn off then no sanding is required as the solvents will react through the first coat providing you a chemical bond. Yet if you wait come long and the repaint dries to lot then you will have to wait till it is totally dry and also sand for a physical bond. Mist coats can be tricky together you are producing a barrier coat that might be to dry offering you a bad bond before wet coats room applied. If prep and paint are right no sanding is needed - simply polishing.
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