Azide ion (N3-) has actually only 3 nitrogen atoms. In lewis framework of N3- ion has two N=N bonds. Each external nitrogen atoms have actually two lone pairs and also center nitrogen atom does not have lone pairs. There room charges on all nitrogen atoms. Steps of drawing the lewis structure of N3- ion are described in detail in this tutorial.

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Lewis framework of N3- ion


You have the right to see there room -1 fees in both outside nitrogen atom and center nitrogen atom has actually +1 charge. Approximately center nitrogen atom, there room two sigma bonds and two pi bonds.

Steps of drawing the lewis structure of N3- ion

There are couple of steps to attract a lewis framework of a molecule or ion. Because N3- ion is an ion, all straightforward steps are supplied to draw it. So, you have the right to learn an excellent basic things of drawing lewis frameworks from this example.

find total number of electrons of the valance shells
the nitrogen atoms complete electrons pairs as lone pairs and also bonds facility atom an option Mark lone pairs on atoms mark charges on atom if there are charges top top atoms. Inspect the stability and also minimize dues on atom by convert lone bag to bond to acquire best lewis structure.

Total variety of electrons of the valance shells of N3- ion

Nitrogen is a team VA aspect in the routine table and also contains 5 electrons in its last shell.

To uncover out complete valence electrons given by a specific element, you need to multiply variety of electrons the the valance covering by the number of atoms of that facet in particular molecule.

valence electrons provided by nitrogen atoms = 5*3 = 15

Because there is a -1 charge in N3- ion, an extra electron is obtained to total valence electrons.

electron received as result of -1 charge = 1
full valence electrons = 15 + = 16

Total valence electron pairs

Total valance electrons bag = σ bonds + π bond + lone pairs at valence shells

Total electron pairs are identified by dividing the number full valence electrons by two. For, N3- ion, total bag of electrons are 8.

Center atom of N3- ion

There is no must select center atom in between atoms since there is only one element in N3- ion.


Lone pairs on atoms

Now, us knew the facility atom and basic sketch the N3- ion. Together the next step, we mark lone pairs on atoms. Remember that, over there are total of 8 electron pairs as bonds and lone pairs.

over there are currently 2 N-N binding in the above drawn sketch. Currently only 6 (8-2) electron pairs
are continuing to be to note on atoms. Usually, those remaining electron pairs need to be started to mark on external atoms (on nitrogen atoms). Each exterior nitrogen atom will take 3 lone pairs and total the 6 electron pairs deserve to be marked on all exterior two nitrogen atoms. Now, all remaining lone pairs are marked and there is no lone pair to mark on facility nitrogen atom (that is not a problem).

Mark charges on atoms and also check the stability and minimize dues on atoms by converting lone bag to bonds

After marking lone bag on atoms, there are charges on every nitrogen atom and also it is figured below.


Having such charges on atoms is not great for security of a molecule or ion. Therefore, us should try to minimize charges on atoms by converting lone pairs to binding in feasible occasions.

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Ask your chemistry questions and find the answer

Are three a triple shortcut in N3- lewis structure

No, If we put a triple bond between two nitrogen atoms, we have to face a problem of one nitrogen atom having -2 charge and center nitrogen atom has +1 charge. That type of charge distribution is not secure for a molecule or ion. Thereofore, having actually a triple bond between two nitrogen atom is not feasible in N3- lewis structure.

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