Lord the the Flieswas composed by wilhelm Golding in 1954. When Lord that the Flies opens, a plane carrying a team of brothers boys periods 6 to 12 has crashed ~ above a deserted island in the Pacific Ocean. Oops. (Also, reportedly the world is in ~ war. This matters.) through no adults around, the boys are left come fend for and govern themselves. Things start out okay. The boys use a conch shell as a talking stick, and also Ralph, one of the larger boys, i do not care "chief."

And then trouble begins. They"re afraid of a "beast" somewhere on the island, and also then they decide to develop a signal fire using the glasses of a boy called Piggy (who is a portly fellow, and likewise the many loyal friend to Ralph). But Jack, jealousy of Ralph"s power, decides the boys should devote your energies to hunting food (namely pigs) instead of preserving the fire. The much longer they"re on the island, the an ext savage the becomes. Meanwhile, our other key player, a wise and philosophical boy named Simon, works through Ralph to construct shelters.

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Eventually, this latent conflicts become not so latent, and also the boys who are claimed to be tending the fire skip out on their duties to kill a pig. The blood and gore of the hunt is all really exciting until they establish that, while castle were the end being bloodthirsty boys, the fire went out and a delivery passed by there is no noticing them. Jack has also managed to punch Piggy in the face and break one lens the his glasses. No good.

Right about this time a dead guy attached to a parachute blows in Mary-Poppins-style come the island. The mysterious parachuting biology is mistaken because that the beast, and the boys begin a substantial hunt to kill it. Only Simon (and, let"s confront it, the audience) is skeptical, believing rather they"re really simply afraid the themselves. That goes off into the woods to contemplate the situation while Jack and also Ralph ascend the mountain and also find the beast—but don"t stick about long sufficient to watch that the is in fact only a dead man.

Back in the group, Jack decides Ralph shouldn"t be chief anymore. The secedes and also invites whoever desires to come v him and also kill things (like an ext pigs, and also maybe some people if lock feel prefer it). Most of the older children go v him, and also Simon, hiding, watches Jack and Co. Hunt a pig. This time, they slaughter a fat mother pig (in a scene defined somewhat as a rape), reduced off her head, and also jam that onto a stick in the ground. Nice.


Simon stares in ~ the head, which that calls "the mr of the Flies" as it speak him (he"s hallucinating, by the way) that it is the beast and that that is part of that (Simon). Simon overcome out, it s okay a bloody nose, and also wakes up spanned in sweat, blood, and other typically disgusting things. Despite all this, that decides to continue up the hill to confront the beast, i.e. Dead guy. Climate he vomits and staggers down the mountain.

By now, Ralph and also Piggy (both fairly ravenous) are attending (with all the other boys) a large feast/party the Jack (decorated favor an idol) is throwing. It"s every a frenzied reenactment the the pig hunt until Simon, tho bloody, sweaty, and covered in puke, stumbles down into the facility of the crazed boys. That tries come tell them about the beast, however he is unrecognizable and also the guys jab at him v their spears until he"s dead. Oops. Simon"s body is washed out to sea that night, and also the wind carries off the human body of the dead parachuting man, if Ralph and also Piggy to convince themselves lock didn"t take component in murdering Simon.

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It"s every downhill native here. Jack"s crew assaults Ralph and also Piggy and steals Piggy"s eyeglasses to do fire on their own. When Ralph and also Piggy decision to calmly speak it out through the "savages," i get it pushes a huge boulder turn off a cliff, death Piggy. Ralph ends up running for his life, finds out that there"s a head-on-stick future planned because that him, and at last makes it come the coast of the island wherein he operation into… one officer that the british Navy. The boys room rescued from your mock war, yet we"re left v the photo of the Navy"s "trim cruiser" native the actual war of the adults.