The group dynamic that Ralph-Piggy-Jack becomes obvious in this chapter. The beast is pointed out for the an initial time and the boy through the "mulberry-mark" is killed, unwittingly by the fire which gets the end of control.

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All boys space feeling the ‘smart of sunburn’, and the Choir is now ‘less that a group’ and have ‘discarded their cloaks’.
Jack “you require an military - because that hunting.” Golding makes influential the truth that he has a ‘knife’ and acts ‘challengingly’.
When Ralph speaks, us feel his childishness even as that takes charge: "There aren’t any type of grown-ups.” “We’ll need to have ‘Hands up’ like at school.”
Jack"s reaction is interesting: “We’ll have actually rules!” “Then once anyone breaks ‘em-”
Piggy interrupts, talking about “the most important thing” - he points the end that “Nobody knows wherein we are.”
The mood is disturbed by among the "littluns": a‘shrimp’ of a boy with a ‘mulberry-coloured birthmark’, who is ‘about to cry’ ‘in panic’.
Jack says, confusingly: "There isn’t a line thing. But if there was we’d hunt it and kill it.”
Ralph claims that they will certainly be rescued, together “the Queen’s got a snapshot of this island.”
Then the guys all gyeongju to make a fire. Piggy complains in ~ them hastily rushing to construct a fire:“Like kids!” he claimed scornfully.’
As the guys are trying to find fuel, Golding offers the semantic field of ‘decay’, ‘decayed’ ‘dead thing’, ‘grotesque’, ‘declining sun’ ‘rotten wood’
Ralph and also Jack find a log in which Ralph claims is: “Almost as well heavy.” Jack replies: “Not because that the 2 of us.”
‘the shameful knowledge flourished in them’ ‘they did not know just how to begin confession’ that their‘incompetence’
Jack “The conch doesn’t count on top of the mountain,” said Jack, “so friend shut up.” “we’re no savages. We’re English; and also the English are ideal at everything.”
‘the fire laid host on the forest and began come gnaw’ ‘a 4 minutes 1 of a mile square of woodland was savage through smoke and flame’ The boys space silent ‘feeling the starts of awe in ~ the strength set free below them’
‘Piggy glanced nervously right into hell’ “That to be our firewood” We have to “put an initial things first”
He states they must have constructed shelters first, and counted and named the tiny uns that were wandering close to where the fire is now burning.

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Piggy: “That small ‘un ... Him v the mark on his face, ns don’t see him. Where is he now?”
‘The boys looked in ~ each other fearfully’, ‘on the unfriendly side of the mountain’, Ralph speak ‘as if in shame’
It is never developed if the boy v the mulberry note is killed, despite we deserve to assume the he is.


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