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Study Questions 1. What sort of weapon is Jack utilizing to hunt pigs?

2. How does Jack recognize there is a pig in the creepers ahead of him?

3. Just how are the boys collecting drink water?

4. That helps Ralph with the hut building?

5. How many huts have actually the boys regulated to build?

6. What walk Jack case to feel behind him as soon as he hunts?

7. What does Jack imply will make him a much better hunter?

8. Which young does Jack see as odd?

9. Whereby does Simon walk in the jungle?

10. As soon as do the candle-buds the Simon look at bloom?

Answers 1. Jack offers a five-foot sharpened stick.

2. Jack found the pig’s new droppings.

3. They collection drinking water in coconut shells.

4. Simon help Ralph develop the huts.

5. Simon and also Ralph have built two huts.

6. Jack insurance claims to feeling “the beastie” behind him.

7. Jack suggests painting his confront for camouflage.

8. Jack thinks Simon is odd.

9. Simon goes come a covert clearing concealed in the jungle.

10. The candle-buds bloom at night under the stars.

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