In the an initial of a series of blog on All us Can’s values, Chief executive Graeme Hodge talks around love songs and life-changing work.

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If provided the category of love songs and also power ballads, most of us on a Zoom quiz would most likely do reasonably well at naming at the very least a few songs and also their lyrics. Whether songs, movies or story – love, by far, is the many predominant of topics to i m sorry we are drawn, come which we connect. And also this chart-topping love has actually made countless a millionaire over the years as we grasp onto and also repeatedly play out the lovingly emotive words and scenes that have actually moved us.

There’s that good scene in the film Moulin Rouge whereby Christian (Ewan McGregor’s character) is trying to convince Satine (Nicole Kidman’s character) the he is the real deal, that he really loves her, regardless of the truth that she has actually heard all of his lines before from every the men who have professed your infatuation because that the beautiful starlet who performs every night at the Moulin Rouge. Christian do the efforts to identify his love indigenous the lust-driven exploitation she has actually grown to accept as her way of life, by make the efforts to describe the love he yes, really feels in tune lyrics. Love? above all things I believe in love. Love is prefer oxygen. Love is a many splendored thing. Love lifts united state up whereby we belong…all you need is love!

Like so numerous through the ages, explicate what love is, or how much us love who or something, drives us to reach and also scratch for every sorts that metaphors and inspiring poetic vernacular, to show the depth of love we desire to express.

At all We have the right to we deeply worth love. It is one of the three main values that form the foundation of our movement, activity and culture. Love is the oxygen the our activity and allows meaningful relationships and also actions. Love is what gets united state out the bed in the morning, keeps us working and hoping because that the civilization to go back to what it was constantly meant to be. Love is what drives us into meaningful connection v the poorest world in our world, with partners who are genuine equals, with world who love enough to see beyond their very own comfort and seek and act for the comfort and also prosperity of others they may never also meet. Love is patient and kind and also fsnucongo.orgiving – remaining also when development takes two actions forward and also three procedures back.

The kind of love that us breathe in as a motion is no a fluffy, futile, paternalistic infatuation through the poor. That is a gritty, transformative love. It requires, in our cumulative exhale, miscellaneous of united state all. It demands that we obtain involved and love beyond ourselves and our own needs. It is a love that brings justice and also hope and fulfils potential and is not dependent on the casual sacrament of one person, but rather ~ above the continual commitment and also solidarity of united state all.

Austin Channing Brown stated ‘When we are filled v love for various other people, injustice becomes intolerable.’ gift rooted in the Christian faith means that because that All we Can, love is a measure and also expression of the divine. The is one outpouring the the gracious love presented to each one of us by God, the compels united state to, in turn, show and also share love to all others. It doesn’t median we fsnucongo.orgive inequality, bigotry, injustice and also poverty. It method that our love compels united state to an obstacle and remove any obstacle the prevents any kind of person, or indeed our planet, indigenous a full and also unfettered suffer of sustainable life in every its fullness.

Love drives us into relationship and connectedness. It method we look for interdependence rather than to develop independence indigenous others. It method we space wholly uninterested in one outdated model of aid and support that is thrust by one historic method of control. It way we think in the sharing of all we have and also are, v the people and planet we space a component of, for the benefit of all, for all the days to come.

Love developed in truth and selflessness prevails regardless of pandemics, politics and also populism. It speak to the an extremely heart of us, and also if allowed, takes snucongo.organize of our mind and also actions and also directs us to compassion, community and also to the very best version of our collective selves.

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Love transforms things. We have actually seen it, we believe in it and it is why we value it for this reason deeply. The is why we have emblazoned it across our movement’s core identity statements and strategy. We choose love. Today, because that always, for everyone. Due to the fact that love in activity really has, and also will continue to, adjust the world.