The 1996 Jackson Northwest guys varsity basketball team. Front row (left to right): Shawn Mason, Ryan Borden, Matt Peek, Jake Mullins, Charlie Hein, Andy Cones. Back row (left to right): Ryan Parrott, Nick Whitney, Bryan Friedrich, Derek Anspaugh, Justin Arquette, J.D. Zomer, Matt Morgan, head coach Gene Klotz. (Photo courtesty the Gene Klotz).

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It began as a program boys basketball video game on a freeze Tuesday night. However by the time Northwest and Haslett left the gym on Jan. 16, 1996, background had been made, couple of were left to view it and no one was happy about it.

The last score – a 7-6 victory for Northwest – collection a MHSAA document for fewest points scored in a high institution basketball game. The reason was no a absence of skill or quality competition, however a stubborn stalling tactic and an upset opposition that didn’t want to allow the various other coach feel favor he won.

“We went up there the year before and they hammered us,” said previous Northwest head coach Gene Klotz. “They were up by a ton and also continued to push us and also run the score up on us, so we were quite upset. We were established to obtain some revenge the adhering to year and had a yes, really talented team coming back.

“We had a pretty big team that following year, including a beginning lineup that was all taller 보다 6-foot-2, so us were prepared to win a physics basketball game. Instead, they determined to play save away for three and a half quarters and completely ruin the game.”


Former Jackson Northwest guys varsity basketball head coach Gene Klotz. (Photo courtesy the Gene Klotz).

Northwest won the opened tip but missed its very first shot attempt and quickly sprinted back into a 2-3 matchup zone. The Vikings dribbled the ball across halfcourt and also then stalled in an effort to attract the Mounties the end of your zone defense. Northwest didn’t budge from their game plan and also neither walk Haslett.

The two groups were scoreless after the an initial quarter and also Northwest led in ~ halftime, 3-0, many thanks to a 3-pointer indigenous Nick Whitney.

“People were leaving the stands in ~ halftime,” said Derek Anspaugh, that played in the video game for Northwest. “I looked over and saw my own parents walking out the door, and also I couldn’t even blame them. Us were all yes, really upset. The players want to strike them man-to-man since we thought we were much better than them and could beat castle with any type of defense us threw at them.

“We can not go versus our coach though. He was yelling at us to remain in the zone and let them pertained to us. It basically came down to two stubborn coaches that didn’t want to let the various other feel choose they had actually won the battle of wits.”

A made complimentary throw in the third quarter provided Northwest a 4-0 command heading right into the fourth. Three an ext made attempts native the charity stripe netted a 7-0 lead for the Mounties, forcing Haslett to finally take action.

Dave Baron, a reserve because that the Vikings, confirm in and also sank a pair that 3-pointers that - under the situations - to be a furious comeback attempt because that Haslett.

A few missed avenues by Northwest and a steal inbound pass in the close up door moments provided Haslett a last-second attempt at a game-winning shot, but the heave through Baron rimmed out at the buzzer to carry an exciting finish to the lowest-scoring video game in state history.


The boxscore indigenous 1996 guys varsity basketball game in between Jackson Northwest and Haslett. The initial publication misspelled Baron as Barrett for Haslett.

“We still had a shot in ~ the finish that could have winner it, yet we missed,” said former Haslett head coach Jim Bradley. "We were a .500 team the year and didn’t have actually a the majority of size, and they to be an exceptionally big team, so us knew we would be problem if us tried come play against their 2-3 zone.

"We decided our best option to be to stall, slow-moving the game down, and force lock to involved us. The fans and also parents weren’t genuine thrilled around it, but we still had a chance to win the game at the end, so I assumed the game plan worked in our favor. At the end of the day, the was simply two stubborn coaches battling come the end.”

Baron had actually all six points because that Haslett, when Nick Whitney scored four points to lead Northwest through two because that Ryan Parrott and also one allude for Matt Morgan. The video game featured no two-point field goals and 14 shoot attempts overall.

“It was a disrespectful act come the game of basketball,” stated Anspaugh, now the boys junior varsity coach in ~ Northwest High School. “It’s funny to look back at the now and say we space a part of history, but it’s not something that we were really happy about at the time.

“I still speak with several of the guys from that team and we still remember how upset we were at the time. It was pretty heated after the game. Their players to be mad about losing, us were mad around them stalling the entirety game, and it almost turned into a fight.”


Jackson Northwest senior Derek Anspaugh. (Photo courtesy that Gene Klotz).

“It irritable a many fans,” Northwest parental Jim Parrott called the Jackson citizens Patriot the job after the game. “The fans involved see the youngsters play ball and also the children wanted to play ball.”

Parrott, whose boy Ryan played on the 1996 Northwest team, was proud that the way both team’s players behaved between the nonsense.

“I think the youngsters on both sides of the video game handled it really well,” he said. “They were simply doing what your coaches called them to do.”

The Monday after the game, Bradley announced the he would resign at the finish of the season, finishing an 18-year operation at Haslett that featured a 266-130 record, seven organization championships, 3 district championships and a state semifinal appearance with the Vikings.

“With the speed the video game is played at now, it would take a lot because that a boy to hit the temptation to simply chuck the ball at the rim," he said. "If coaches tried to execute that nowadays, there would certainly be a full-scale mutiny.”

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